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  1. Selling for 100. Pm me for pictures and details Thanks..
  2. Used condition. Come with one zero p.p new cartridge Advise to change to new media No housing wrench. Can get from madpetz Selling 130.. Pm for pictures..
  3. For small tamk use. In good conditon. Warrenty till June from FnM shop. Selling for 220 Pm to deal
  4. Up to 115 litres Selling for $40. Brought few days ago.. Test run for 10 mins.. Too strong for my tank.. Selling it off.. As good as new.. With box..accessories https://www.fluvalaquatics.com/us/product/c2-power-filter/ Pm to deal.
  5. Brand new Only open to check Brought at $88 from c328 Selling for 60 Deal city. East or tpy mrt The Rena Air pumps offer you power, quiet, and versatility in one attractive package. These pumps maintain optimum flow, even in the deepest of aquariums, and are so quiet that they can be used in any room in the house, even the bedroom. The unique construction of the Rena Air pumps reduces vibrations and residual noises; the fitting of base to casing ensures soundproofing, while special extension chambers (Rena Air 200 to 600) absorb vibrations and reduce noise from valves - less than 30 dB at a distance of 1 metre Aquarium volume: up to 600 L. Airflow: 2 x 200 L/h. Pressure: 2 x 300 mb. Power: 8 W. 2 air outlets. Airflow adjustment on each outlet. Dimensions (H x W x L) : 90 x 195 x 115 mm. Includes airstone, check valve, and 2.5 m of tubing
  6. Either decomming for good or switching to freshwater keeping. Livestock prices seems to be going up.. Esp lps.. Like normal mushroom costing so much.. And of course not forgetting prices of fishes too.. I been reefing for decade.. Also gave up this hobby due to the inflating cost in reefing. Switched to freshwater months ago. What's are your thoughts on this?
  7. Selling for 32 each. Standard grape pH. 2 probe in stock Pm Me to deal
  8. In working condition.. No more warrenty.. Asking for 130. Collection at East.. Pm to deal..
  9. Brought from iwarna 4 pcs available. Been with me for 7 months at least. Feed on frozen mysis shrimp. 50$ per pc Pm to deal
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