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  1. Selling EHEIM professional II 2026 filter with media. Price: S$ 100 fixed Self collection at Bukit Timah area
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. will keep all updated on progress.
  3. Guys, prefer to sell whole set together. if individual item, order should be 1) fish 2) live rocks and corals. 3) tank, chiller, filter or other stuff
  4. Selling my "Red Sea MAX 130" marine fish tank with all Items. 1. All fishes 2. live rocks 3. Anemone 4. Cooler (See picture) Mini Arctica 5. External filter, Eheim 2215 6. Wavemaker, Hydor Koralia 2 7. Water testes (See picture) 8. Quarantine tank 9. Cleaning stuff 10. Red Sea salt 11. Many more items using for fish keeping. Self collection pls sms 94871714 for more details. Price $900.00
  5. How hard to keep the Open Brain Coral? anyone experience before? what type of light they need? Thanks
  6. They dont like much of direct wave. I had one servive for about one year.
  7. I had few cleaner shrimps but unfortunately never breed.
  8. any idea where can I buy harlequin shrimp in Singapore?
  9. Best thing is to call a dive shop and make a special arrangement to get there with them. :-)
  10. do you have Bristleworms? sometimes they attack the clam from it's base or any nearby anemone?
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