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  1. Hi all, I have only just spotted this little fellow as every night he lets out this long fishing line (like a spider web strand) then after 1hr pulls it back in. he seems to stick his head out of the shell a little and if something swims by he retreats. I'm not sure what else to tell you about him. please help me work out what he is and if its ok to keep him around. thanks
  2. Just found out human antibiotics work on sick reef tank, Nice!

    1. Jameshong


      beware..overdosing wil wipe off all your zoa..!!!

  3. I don't know why I do it to myself but some times I like to look on autotrader and see nice cars that I could pay for from one months salary then I look at the same car here and it cost one years salary :(

  4. Last night, I'm going to miss Saigon ;)

  5. Hi all, need some help/advice. I've been looking about for some more snails as i lost some in a tank swap (cracked tank, don't ask), i have got 3 turbo's which are doing an ok job and a few bumble bee's but i want to get some sand dwellers, AM on up paya lebar never seem to have any in and i have been going back to then at least once a week. Anyone know some places on east that might have some? thanks
  6. Any update on how this excrement worked out 6 months later on?
  7. Hi, Had a broken tank and had to swap to new one and fresh sand bit worried my Mandarin dragonet will not have enough food so looking to start a Copepod farm or 'pod pile' if anyone has someway to sell me some that would be great, please contact me, thanks Matt
  8. Thanks for the Torch, just waiting for it to open up now.
  9. yogi77

    WTG Zoas

    BTW: I'm on East side 10 mins walk from Tanamera MRT (bedok road)
  10. yogi77

    WTG Zoas

    Hi all, Got a big bunch of normal zoas willing to give or split into smaller group. Size: 15cm x 10cm might throw in some more as looking to down size corals and get some nicer ones thanks
  11. ah, so Give or trade for smaller if I'm lucky
  12. no came in my set up 6 months back and was 1/3 the size of what it has grown too. hence looking for a bigger home for it. I also got a huge zoas family needs moving on
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