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  1. Want to sell a bottle of Fauna Marine: Ultra Marine Base Energy at $15 Original price is 28, bottle opened n only feed fo 1 time. 99.99% left. Pls PM to deal. Tks.
  2. Am looking for setosa monti. Pls pm if anyone has. Tks.
  3. Prefer to sell as one set...both fr n pump r quite new n DI water cleaned. Tks
  4. Want to sell a spare set of DD H2O FMR75 FR and Eheim 1000 pump at $90, less than 6 months old. Pls pm if interested. Tks.
  5. Bro, I'm interested, may I know where to collect
  6. I use a small fish net to clean the top layer if its required
  7. I think it depends on ur PO4 reading. If the PO4 keeps rising fr a low reading, it should be changed.
  8. I think there is only one tank w real sps. N there is an azoox tank also
  9. Anyone has gd result of reducing no3 n po4 by using chemi pure elite?
  10. ati fixture has dimming function also
  11. Read up fr some foreign forum, chemi pure is recommended. I think I wil try it myself.
  12. In order to figure out the consumption of elements required, daily measurement is necessary. Eg, test ur water, do not dose anything, then test water again at the same time the following day, U will know how much elements ur tank has consumed. Then dose according to the instruction, and test the same time next day, see if the parameters stay stably, dose a bit more if lower, a bit less if higher. Repeat testing for a period of time and find out the sweet point. Then setup ur dosing pump accordingly.
  13. Hi here is an article abt SPS coloration, hope it helps http://reefbuilders.com/2008/09/03/guide-of-sps-coral-coloration-make-them-more-vivid-bright/
  14. I think u should try to do a few rounds of water change, at least 20-30% per round per week. I also have nuisance algae problem recently. So here are wat have been done, and I can see a lot improvement now after 1 week. Increased water change from 5% per week to 20%; Cut down fish feeding to once a day; Reduced plankton dosing to 2-3 times a week; Bought an urchin which is working hard n well; shortened the photo period by 1 more hour Manually remove some algae everyday Scraped some algae off before the water change n siphoned the floating algae n those settled on the s
  15. Oh... Really. My tank is 4ft only. if it can last for ard 6 months, then it worth trying...tks.
  16. I see. It seems that LED arrangement on the right gives a better color mixture
  17. Bro, how long can one set of this product last? Can advise what is the average cost of dosing it per month.
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