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  1. Is the par a mixture of Blue n uv only or white, blue n uv?
  2. LED does give the shimmer effect, promote growth n bring out the fluorescent color of some corals. However, personally i feel that as a full spectrum light, T5 is the better choice to be used as main light source while LED can be used as a supplement. My 2cents only
  3. So can it be held in SPS tank? I thought its not really reef safe...
  4. A sizable ATS may work but I don't think it can keep no3 n po4 at 0. And 0 reading for no3 n po4 may not be a gd thing also
  5. BeamsWork Ultra Bright Clamp on is gd for refugium which I'm using for mine.
  6. One question, does the balling salt rises the salinity as well? Or just a normal ca mg kh addictive?
  7. Looking for a mother colony of chilli pepper monti n Hawkin's blue. Pls pm if u hv any to let go. Tks.
  8. Looking for a tunze 7096 controller. Pls PM w ur price. Tks.
  9. Hi guys, am looking for some unclear green palys n chilli pepper monti. Pls drop me a PM if u hv any to let go. Tks.
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for American captain zoa. Pls drop me a PM if anyone has the zoa frag for sale. Tks.
  11. Would like to sell off 2 zoa rocks to clear some space for my new additions. Pls PM me if you are interested. Tks Pink Zoa Colony - $35 (Mixture of 2 zoas, one pink zoa and one with yellowish green mouth and brown face) Orange Nipple Colony - $55 (Orange mouth with Green face, more than 100 polyps i think) Pics attached, WYSIWYG
  12. Hi bro, wat is the brownish thing on the rock? Is that clove polyps?
  13. As subject states, this is part of the report which has drawn my attention to the heat concern on LED. It says that as compared to T5, LED's overheating has much concerned. I'm abit confused now as what I heard so far is LED generates much less heat than MH n T5. Any expert can clarify this... Here is the report mentioned n the link: http://lumiversal.net/upload/T5%20v.%20LED.pdf The case study by IEEE also examines the heat dissipation of each lamp and found that the T5 lamp dissipated about 73% of its total lamp power as heat. However, the LED lamp in this study dissipated a
  14. DD has higher Ca n Mg, TM has all the trace elements:)
  15. Brand New n Unopened items: 1. Brightwell reef biofuel (250ml) - $14 2. DD Rowa phos (250ml) - $25 Used 1 time only item: 1. Salifert NH4 test kit (expiry date: 12/2013) - $14 2. Salifert Silicate test kit (expiry date: 03/2013) - $10 Up
  16. I'm using a mixture of DD n TM reef pro, so far so gd.
  17. Thanks Jeremy. Is coral plus the latest bulb released by ATI? Is it look like a pinkish blue plus?
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