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  1. I'm using aquaplanner pro too. It's indeed useful.
  2. dont think the existing set can be upgraded. am thinking to buy a new set.
  3. is that red color or golden color? it looks like drangon breath to me...
  4. No prob, beamworks is a gd LED. hopes the info helps.
  5. Don't recommend API for PO4 n NO3, my using TM for NO3 n PO4. Using DD for Ca n Mg.
  6. Bro beamworks200 has 33x0.06w. So in total is abt 2w only. I'm using beamworks 400, thinking to change to the 1w per LED version.
  7. Wow, so many red bamboos:) I'm growing Chaetos n red drangon breath in my refuge. My green grape also kept going asexual and gracilaria got totally disappeared with unknown reason one week after I put them in....thinking something in my refuge ate the algae..
  8. Hi guys, I came across to this awesome looking macro algae tank fr RC. Here is the link: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums//showthread.php?t=1232393
  9. My lowest reading given by using RO was 9, stil need a DI to bring it down to 0
  10. My yellow multibanded pipefish picks my rock all day long. I'm running a refuge to grow pods.
  11. Tks guys for ur advice. Top down view reading makes me more nervous as the NO3 reading was up to abt 80 and now came down to 40...
  12. Hi Guys I try to run my NO3 test by using API test kit. I'm abit confused by the result. Well, my question is how to read the test result correctly? Should I take the side view reading (abt 10) or top down view reading (abt 40)... Thanks.
  13. 40lbs Caribsea live sand for 150 is too expensive...
  14. I custom made my 4 feet LED at around S$1400. Here is what I got, just for ur reference:- 48 3w LEDs -24 White, 16 (10k) and 8 (6500k) -24 Blue in different wavelength. -6 1w Violet -4 20w White (14k) -4 cooling fans -Build in timer -White n Blue LEDs are dimmable
  15. 0 is perfect of course. But IMO below 5 should be ok.
  16. Hi guys, just want to check if anyone knows a good electrician who can fix LED lighting. One row of my blue lights is not working, tested the other day by myself, LEDs are fine, so am thinking its wiring problem. Tks in advance.
  17. bro, is your C1000 chiller this one? http://www.resun-china.com/En/ProductInfo.aspx?ProID=788&ProClass=141
  18. Bro, was it a second hand or a new one when u bought?
  19. up for u. i have the same question. any price for reference. pls pm me also. Thanks in advance
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