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  1. Selling Clown fish $12 Collection at Telok Kurau, BYO pail/bag. PM me to deal.
  2. Was there last Sunday. Still lotsa good stuff available.
  3. Hi, The Tunze 6095 is the one with built in controllable controller or without and need to use separate controller?
  4. Price reduced by half. $10 per lot. $35 take all
  5. Piping only, the skimmer not working well. I think i already threw away.
  6. Selling 4 lots of live rocks at $20 per lot. Take all at $70 Self collection and BYO box/pails in the East.
  7. I have Big blue tub. East side. Lemme know if you wanna buy.
  8. Hi, Moving house soon and got a new tank setup. Thus i can give away my old tank (old picture below, will post an updated one later) Abit of scratches etc and need some cleaning. Pls PM me if you want it but you will need to get your own movers to move the tank down 3 flight of stairs. Can collect in about 2 weeks time. No takers will dispose in 3 weeks.
  9. Hi i doubt carbon will build up that quickly as the lights are only a few months old. Will an ignitor change work?
  10. I have a 6 month old 150w MH with 2 lamps. One of the lamps, the light comes on and off intermittently every 5-10 minutes. Anyone faced a similar problem with their MH lights before? I have spare ballast at home but i am not sure changing it will help
  11. Really? I'll bring my daughter to go catch the longkang guppies in that case and try to acclimatise them.
  12. As in freshwater black molly? how long can it last in SW?
  13. Got a frog fish over the weekend as well as 3 chromis for it to eat. However the chromis refuses to go near the rock area where the frogfish is and are hiding behind the pipes/overflow box. Tried to give it market prawn but the frogfish blew it away. This morning the frog fish climbed onto the pipe/overflow box to attempt to bait the fish but the chromises are not biting. Any advice?
  14. Hi Interested in the below item Tunze 6055 + single controller $280 Let me know if still available when you are back Thanks
  15. Coralline algae on rocks is good, if you are worried about aptasia/bristal worms/crabs, dip the rock in a pail with high salanity of salt to get rid of them.
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