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  1. Bro if you have lobang to get corals at good pricing, hope that you can share with us. Don't think we can get these corals inside pacman's tank at 2k!
  2. I won't believe this is a 5 months old setup. The sps are so healthy and colourful. Can you share with us the filtration systems and equipments that you are using for this setup?
  3. Both corals sold to a Friendly reefer. Moderator please assist to close the thread. Tks
  4. Bubble Coral pending for collection. Now left only the hammer offering at $40!
  5. Ups for the sales!! Bundle sales for both corals reduced to $68.00!!!
  6. The size is around our fist! Should be 4"+- diameter...
  7. Letting go a nice shape fist size SPS colony whereby it has not been Colour yet. I have got it at $60.00 as Lorpies and letting go at same price....(wysiwyg)
  8. Letting go a small colony of cat eyes bubble coral at $40. Size is around 2x2 inches. and also a green hammer at $50. It's approx 3" in diameter when fully opened. take both at $80!! collection near Jurong Point
  9. Live stocks and corals collected by a friendly reefer. Moderator please assist to close the thread! Tks
  10. Thanks for the overwhelming responds. Corals and fishes have been reserved by the first reefer who has contacted me via pm.
  11. Tankset reserved with deposit! now left with the soft corals and 2 fishes as follow:- 2 x giant elephant ears + 01 baby 2 rocks of mushrooms 1 x clown + 1 tang Whoever can collect by tmr afternoon can have all the above mentioned at $38.00!! collection is at Blk 279 Toh Guan road!
  12. For those who has pm me before, this set is still available as I was played out by a reefer here who has reserved and confirmed in getting it 2 weeks ago but till date has not make any arrangement for the collection. Therefore I am now releasing it to anyone who can collect it asap.
  13. moderstor please assist to close the thread. Tks
  14. Thanks for the overwhelming response. Both sets at $688 have been reserved bro Klyve who has contacted me via WhatsApp!!
  15. Posting on behalf of my buddy who has decided to change to T5, therefore he is letting go his 3 months old XR15 G4 comes with stand and box he is letting go both sets at $688!! Reefers who is looking for this lighting don't miss a chance to own it! Collection near Pioneer Mall Jurong. PM for fast deal!
  16. Light sets sold. Everything that is shown inside the pics will be clearing at $200!!
  17. Posting on behalf of my Friend who has decided to end his reefing hobby. As stated, this is a 522 cabinet sump tank. The sump tank is 4x1.5x1.5 but there is a compartment for reservoir (using for topping up water) the set comes with 2 x 5ft LED (with white + blue bulbs) with a ehiem pump. The cabinet and tank has been used for around 4yrs but in good condition. There is a stripe of Formica on the edge of the right door is peeling off (but can be glued back) Everything letting go at $300 for reefers who wants to upgrade their tank! Cash and carry.
  18. CF has a tray of it when I was there earlier....
  19. You can also get it from Coral farm.....
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