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  1. Hi my buddy is looking for this. Can you Whatsapp him at 9298 7718?
  2. Posting on behalf of my buddy who has decommed his freshwater setup. Therefore I am posting his 2yrs old marine tank for sales made by N30. This tank was made for marine setup and my buddy has used it for a year as a marine sps tank. After which he has used it for another year a freshwater setup. The complete set comes with a main tank, cabinet, sump and hood + a return Hailea pump + 2 x 40cm aqua zonic T5. Condition of the set is 8/10. Everything mentioned here will be letting go at $300.00 nett! Collection is near pioneer mall (Jurong west) kindly contact seller at 9029 9445 for fast deal!
  3. The mp10wes is sold and collected by a friendly reefer. Moderator please assist to close the thread. Tks
  4. Letting go a set of MP10WES at $200 that I have bought it 2 yrs ago brand new. The equipment is v quiet and is still in my tank running. The set only comes with the controller, dry and wet side. collection is near Jurong point. Pm for fast deal. Tks
  5. Looking to get 2 sets of RW4. Anyone selling please pm me the price, condition as place for transaction. Tks
  6. Letting go the following corals as follow:- 1) 6" bi-colour prata - green + brown @ $150.00. 2) 4" bi-colour prata - red + green @ $250.00. 3) 4" Aussie brain - red + green @ $120.00. collection near Jurong Point. Pm for fast deal.
  7. Has bought this little starfish from Coral farm wrongly yesterday and wanted to give it to anyone who can adopt it. Kindly note that it is not reef safe and the little fellow is still inside the plastic bag. Collection near Jurong point. Pm for fast deal.
  8. Thanks bro. The sps has been collected by a bro. Moderator please assist to close the thread. Tks
  9. Upz for awareness. Beautiful tabling Acro for sales As it has grown too big for the space allocated for it. Updated picture just take now
  10. Tentatively reserved and pending for collection by tomorrow.
  11. Posting on behalf of a friend for the sales of the following :- 2.5 x 2 inches lumi green acan at $40 lumi green GSP fully covered an oyster shell at $20 Pics taken under T5. package for both at $50. collection near Jurong.point . Pm got sales deal.
  12. going for Freshwater? is your red millie for sales?
  13. thanks bro! yes bro, this is the one that we went together to get!
  14. Forest sold and collected by a superb fast hands bro!
  15. Letting go a frag of forest fire digi around 1.5 x 2" at $20 And a small colony of green acro of 3x3" at $50. collection near Jurong point. Pm for fast deal.
  16. 6025 sold. Let 2 sets of 6015! Take both at $60.00!
  17. Selling the following wavemakers as they are lying in my storeroom :- 2 sets of tunze 6015 (good condition) - $35.00 each 1 set of tunze 6025 (7/10) - $30.00 Take all 3 sets for $90.00 Collection in Jurong at night or Commonwealth during office hours. pm for fast deal.
  18. Posting on behalf for a friend on the sales of his 1yr old Deltec 1350 skimmer. Actual usage is around 6 months and has been kept in his storeroom since he decommed. Price to let go is $280.00. Dealing around Commonwealth area. Pm for fast deal. *** anyway can deal by this weekend can have it at $250.00 ***
  19. Both sets have been collected by a friendly reefer. Moderator, please assist to close the thread. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for your confirmation. Moderator, please assist to close the thread. Thanks!
  21. Anyone who is interested in it can have this set of 6055 + 7091 + 7094 controller at $168! Pm pm for fast deal!
  22. Decided to let go my spare Tunze 6055 + 7091 controller at $150. Btw it comes with a brand new set of magnet. collection near Jurong point. Pm gor fast deal.
  23. Selling a Tunze multi controller at $50 (only the controller without any cable) Condition is very good as it was kept in the storeroom all along. Collection near Jurong point. Pm for fast deal
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