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  1. Posting on behalf of my friend on the sales of the following :- - 6months old MP40WES at 420.00 (left with 6 months warranty) - 12months old MP40WES at 350.00 (no warranty left) *** Get both sets at $700.00 *** collection around Bouna Vista. Pm for fast deal.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely keep on going. The reason why my tank is difficult to maintain is due to the odd size. If yours is a standard tank size, it is not really difficult to maintain. FYI, I have been trying SPS for the longest time and with many encouraging kakis who have been keeping me going by offering me frags as trial till I have succeeded. therefore please do not give up the idea without even trying!
  3. Thank you! Thanks for the complement. Yes its very difficult to reach the corals below especially when feeding the supersuns!
  4. Have a brand new bottle of 1000ml Polylab Biosphere for sales at $65. collection near Jurong Point. Pm for fast deal.
  5. I m looking for a skimmer for my nano tank. anything that is within 12 x 9cm can accommodate into the IOS of my nano tank. kindly pm me for if you have anything for sales.....
  6. Fish has been reserved for collection within 2 hrs. Will contact the next reefer in line if it has not been collected. Thanks
  7. Have a false clown to be given away as its owner has decom. Fish is in a plastic bag and hopefully anyonw can pick it up asap from Stiring road. please pm for fast deal. tks
  8. LCK has many nice and intense colouration lineatus at v good price (double digits), chaotic wrasse (double digits), golden anthias, yellow and blue accessor, jumbo angels!! Also has a tankful of zoas, brains, Acans, sps, etc. Don't miss the chance to own one of the beautiful fishes!
  9. Thank u! Will contact u for collection.
  10. the most beautiful fowlr tank that I have ever came across was the huge display tank at TFC. whenever I go there, I will spend at least an hour drooling over the fishes inside............
  11. Thanks for all the interests. The queen is sold to a friendly reefer. Moderator please assist to close the thread. Thanks
  12. Upz for awareness. Please note that my friend has kept this fish for around 4 months. Price is nego for serious buyer.
  13. beautiful fishes.........I wanna pay you a visit ;p
  14. hey bro....any updates?? has the corals migrated over??
  15. cant wait to see the update of your tank's pics..............
  16. v nice mixed reef with healthy corals!...........
  17. swee swee bro!! when can I pay you a visit? I m drooling non stop............
  18. nice upgrade! love your scaping........cant wait to see your update with corals in it.
  19. Hi pat....v nice setup!! this is a better tank compared to your 321 whereby you can have more fun in scaping + varieties of sps..............
  20. nice scaping..........can visualize that there will be many sps branching out from it.!!
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