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  1. Btw the queen is not reef safe as it is showing signs of nipping sps.
  2. RBTA sold to a fast hands fast legs bro!
  3. Posting on behalf of my friend on the sales of the following :- - small 2.5-3" carribean queen with intense blue at $200 (collection at Dover) - small RBTA at $15 (coloured bleached slightly as it was hiding under shade) - collection in Jurong Pm for sales deal.
  4. Thanks for all the support from fellow reefers. All glue have been sold. Hope that you guys did benefit from the sales. Moderator please assist to close the thread!
  5. Last fish also reserved. Moderator please assist to close the thread. Thank you!
  6. Now left the snowflake eel. Anyone who can pick it up by tonight can have it at $10.00!! V stable and reef safe fish. Didn't kill any of it's small tank mates! Don't miss this chance to keep an eel!
  7. Btw tank size is 14 x 12 x 12" (6mm glass)
  8. Bare tank - $20.00 New sand - $10.00 (never use before)
  9. Posting on behalf of my friend who has decommed and now he has left to following stuff to clear :- - DD salt - $80.00 (used around 2kg) - spare Refractometer - $40.00 (almost new) - solid stainless steel stand for 3x1.5' - $100.00 - Tunze comline reef pack 250 - $150.00 (bought 250.00, filter is brand new) - additives (bundled sales) - $40.00 Collection at Bukit Timah. Pm for fast deal.
  10. To add on : 3.5" marine betta at $40. *** feeding on pellets ***
  11. Frog fish has been reserved and pending for collection!
  12. posting on behalf of my friend who has decided to decom his fowlr and go back into corals. below are the fishes for sales:- - 2.5" dwaft lion - $15.00 - 3" scorpion - $ 15.00 - 3" volitan lion - $15.00 (feeding frozen Mysis, mp and small shrimps) - 3" Humu Picasso Trigger - $15.00 - 2.5" Clown Trigger - $40.00 - 2.5" Undulate Trigger - $15.00 (feeding on pellets/Mysis/market prawn) - 1.5" orange frog - $40.00 (bought at 60.00) (feeding on live feeders) - 2.5" file fish - $8.00 tri-color (anything we throw in) - 4" blue spotted red groupa - $20.00 (anything we throw in) - 15" snowflake eel - $25.00 (market prawn and not harmful) - 2.5" puffer fish - $15.00 (anything we throw in) Collection near Pioneer Mall, Jurong West. Anyone who is keen in them can have all of them at the special bundle price of $138.00 (delivery can be arrange to buyer if time permits). Pm for fast deal! my lost if your gain................
  13. Anyone who can pick up the fish by tomorrow can have it at $12!!
  14. Posting on behalf of my friend who is letting for his greedy puffer at $18 in order to reduce bioloads. Fish is feeding on anything that you have throw into the tank, including sucking of thumb if u allow. (That's what the owner told me ) Collection near Pioneer Mall, Jurong. Delivery can be arrange during office hours if it's in the east . Pm for fast deal.
  15. Chiller is sold. Moderator please assist to close the thread. Tks
  16. Bio pellet reactor sold and collected. Left the almost 8 months old chiller. It's a good buy and don't miss this chance to get it!
  17. Upz for the beautiful weekend
  18. Thanks for all the interests. The YT has been sold to a friendly reefer. Moderator please assist to close the thread!
  19. Refractometer has been collected by a friendly reefer. But the chiller wasn't back out by the confirmed buyer in the very last min. Whoever can pick up the chiller by today can have it at $230.00 As for the Biopellet + reactor will be offering at $100 for anyone who can pick up by today!
  20. Chiller & Refractormeter have been reserved and pending for collection. Left the Bio pellets reactor + Bio Pellets......price is negotiable!!
  21. Posting on behalf of my friend for the sales of the following equipments :- 1) Hailea chiller HS28A - $260 (bought in Dec 14) 2) Refractometer - $35 (bought in May 14) 3) Biopellet + reactor - $120 (bought in July 14) Collection near Adam road. Pm for fast deal.
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