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  1. Yes you need to check your Kh, Mg and Ca. Also make sure your lights settings are coralline friendly. Another reason for their bleaching is there is too little nitrate or phosphate. It happened to me cos I was dosing too much carbon, so much so that there is too little nitrate and phophate for coralline to grow. All my Kh, Mg and Ca are at optimal levels but my coralline kept dying. When I reduced my carbon dosing, they spread within 2 weeks at the back of the tank.
  2. Thanks for sharing the reefing process and the inspiration. This is a must read for beginners!
  3. Hi everyone, This is my second 2 feet tank after shifting to my new place. My first tank was a Rea Sea Max 130D. I modified it almost 90% by add a DIY overflow box to add a sump at the bottom. Changed everything except for the glass tank. After running that tank for 2 years, I have experimented with DIY algae scrubbers, refugiums, carbon, bio pellet reactors, phosphate reactors, Llanthanum Chloride (Goodbye PO4), carbon dosing, etc. For my new tank, I have custom made a tank with the following features: 1. Herbie Overflow that makes it dead silent 2. Dedicated cooling pump to chiller
  4. Why we dont use tap water for our reef tanks: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2004/1/chemistry
  5. Click on "choose files" in blue at the bottom left of your input box. Then choose the file you want to insert.
  6. I have but I'm in the east though.
  7. Pls post the picture.
  8. That is not true at all. Many tanks in the US are made of acrylic. Many public marine aquarium also use acrylic. You can watch the show "Tanked" to have an appreciation of the capabilities of acrylic tanks. The bonds in acrylic tank are stronger than the glue between glass because they are molecular bonds, so a bonded piece of acrylic act as a single piece. The legendary Chingchai's tank is made of acrylic.
  9. I use both a 1/10HP and 1/5HP artica chiller. 1/10 is good for your 162 liter tank. If you have a sump, it can still support up to 200 liters. But beyond that, it is recommended to get a 1/5HP. A larger chiller will save on electricity costs by cutting down the amount of chilling time required.
  10. The prawn will disintegrate, so dont have to remove. What you need most is lots of patience because after the recycling is completed, diatoms and algae will be next...
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