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  1. Selling two tubs of NLS hexshield and ickshield medicated foods effective for quarantine and newly purchased livestock. Opened but barely used pm if keen. Both for 40 collection area Holland drive.
  2. Got some fella coming and teaching me how to feed mysis shrimps to his complete collection of angelfish. Bro and sis pls be considerate if not keen to buy don't waste the seller time if want to see see better go fish farm
  3. WTS LIST- Racoon butterflyfish pair size S Emperor angelfish size L Majestic angelfish size M/L Emperor snapper size M/L Blue tang pair size M Powder black tang size ML/S Panther grouper size L Fowleri tang size XL Clown triggerfish size M/L Regal angelfish size M Asfur angelfish size M WTS above fishes all r feeding on pellets some eat chopped seafood pm for details thanks
  4. WTS 5 mimic yellow tangs going at 20 each, 5 for 100 pm me for contact and collection thanks Ps: all specimens are feeding healthily on pellets and chopped seafood
  5. Hi giving away large blue tang, bring ur own pail or bag. Location at northeast pm me for details ty
  6. Sohal sold to a steady bro, pls close thread mod thx
  7. Hi all, selling a sohal tang approximately 8 - 9 inches, a specimen that is well conditioned. Diet is mainly nls and ocean nutri pellets with seaweed. Reason for selling due to giving up of hobby. Asking for 180 firm pm me if interested for contact
  8. Hi all, selling a used nano ib20 tank all in reasonably good condition minus the light. Selling at $30. Do pm me for contact if interested thanks!
  9. the shrimp is larger than the grouper , but the grouper is catching up in size fast
  10. Hi dear reefers would like to ask about something regarding clown tang, i currently have one about the size of about 3 - 3.5 inches i think. kept it from 2 inches this piece survived and is now eating pellets and henry gourmet. So far he hasnt been nasty to anyone yet but that could be because his only companions are a big blue ring and a couple of wrasses in my qt Im about to release him into my dt so would like some opinions since i read from the american forums that this fish is so nasty that it cannot be kept. ive kept sohals and when introduced last havent caused any big issues. But what ive read said some very nasty stuff abt them and i am skeptical abt the western way of their description. Can a clown tang same size introduced last same as a sohal be so much more horrifying than sohal? a 7 inch clown will attk and kill a 15 inch queen? that bad? next i wana ask is does clown tang coloration deepen over maturity, mine seems to be colorless atm. thanks
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