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  1. i tried and got it working for a week. den reset again. Now using the side loading to upload apps instead.
  2. Nice! Look at the lovely fins of the gem! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  3. Nice! It has adapted well to your tank. Can see those nice spots now! Cheers M3
  4. Bro, u got a 2nd chance now. But still large specimen. Cheers
  5. It seems like a case of territorial aggression. It is common for clownfish to turn against each other when settled except when they are a pair. You might get away with aggression if your tank is big enough. Cheers
  6. No lar. Pix was taken before Lemon picked it up. Was too busy to upload them.
  7. Bro, how is the Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis doing in your tank. He was already flashing in our facility!
  8. They sure look very similar to those we used to have at our shop except for the color of their shell. http://www.m3morph.com/main/products-page/in-stocks/invert/nassarius-snail/ Cheers
  9. I think alot of us dun dare to keep these angels with your precious SPS/LPS. Kudos to him! Cheers
  10. Aggression will cos most fish to leap also. Especially during feeding time. Cheers
  11. Nice! Hopefully we can import a few in the near future.
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