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  1. Hi I have some that I can pass u. U can WhatsApp me at 923 zero zero 827. Collection at pasir ris dr 6. Cheers
  2. Hi what are your tank parameters, including lighting setup at the moment? Would love to give but tank stability is impt otherwise the coral will be dead in no time.. cheers
  3. 1 more bag to giveaway... whatsapp me to arrange..
  4. Harvesting chaeto again. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Two bags to give away. Fcfs no reserve pls. Whatsapp me 923 zero zero 827
  5. If you would like, I have some forest fire digitata and blue digitata that I can pass u foc, no need trade for anything.. These are pretty and hardy starter sps. Do pm me to arrange collection at pasir ris dr 6. Cheers
  6. I humbly apologise if I had misunderstood regarding your xenia sales bro. Cheers
  7. Bro kenji, your pulsing xenia that u were previously selling, those were from me right. I gave away a huge rock of them to you. Yet instead of paying it forward, u sold them at 15 bucks per frag. Not a very nice thing to do bro, I have met u couple of times, you seemed like a nice guy. Marc is right in saying the circle is small, we have seen many profiteering hobbyists come and go.. maybe you may think it's none of our biz to meddle but we are trying to make the hobby a pleasant one for novices and experienced hobbyists alike. Maybe you may want to just earn a quick profit during this
  8. Price lowered to $5 for quick deal fcfs no reserve
  9. 2 inch fat greedy sixline. Keep chasing my new yellowfin wrasse so it has to go. Super pest buster that will swim among corals and catching pests all day long. $10 self collect pasir ris dr 6. 923 zero zero 827
  10. Harvest time again, 2-3 bags of chaeto to giveaway. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. PM to arrange.
  11. 1 adult peppermint shrimp $20 Normal ocellaris pair, 1 2inch plus and 1 1inch $15 Not much aips in my tank for 2 peppermint shrimps so I am selling 1 off. Feeds on pellets and mysis. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Fcfs no reserve pls as they are in a breeder box atm and dont wanna stress them. 923 zero zero 827
  12. Great silent pump. Used for abt 1 year plus. Rfs changed to higher flowrate. Great condition, washed and soaked in vinegar already. $60 self collect pasir ris dr 6. 923 zero zero 827. https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/rossmont-riser-r3200
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