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  1. Quite a dishonest seller if all these potentially catastrophic damages are not shared with you fully. To wilfully conceal these defects is truly low. The cabinet will give way and it is very dangerous. You are entitled to a full refund imo. If you are willing, I believe this community is going to stand behind you. I have bought defective 2nd hand items and even tank that leaked upon fill up before and the sellers were very steady to refund with no questions asked. I believe my experiences are the norm rather than the exception, cos the community is tight knit like that. Share the se
  2. Bro I have some red digi to pass u foc. PM me to arrange..
  3. Hi all, thanks for the overwhelming responses. Frags have all been taken, for those whom I havent reply, apologies as there are too many pm. I will keep you in the loop when I do my next trimming. Thanks all.
  4. Hi all, Have a few frags of german blue digi and radioactive bn to give away. Pls kindly note that your tank have to be properly set up, I am not throwing my frags into toilet bowl.. Collection is at pasir ris. Feel free to drop me a pm to arrange, I need to prune quite a bit as they grow like weeds so no need to rush.. Cheers
  5. Still available 923 zero zero 827
  6. Brand new. selling for $8. I dont need it as my rodi set comes with another pen. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Postage is possible at your own cost.
  7. Dont think it will survive long bro, I read they wont regrow the skeleton.. so over time just wither away...nice ds colony!
  8. Price? Take note the forum rules says pricing must be clearly indicated...
  9. I can pass u a free frag if u can self collect at pasir ris dr 6. PM me
  10. Used only once. Exp 09/23 15 dollars Self collect pasir ris dr 6 923 zero zero 827
  11. Sold to a steady bro. Thread closed. Thanks all
  12. 3 inches. Eats anything nori , pellets and frozen. Couldn't get along with my lubbock wrasse thus selling away. Really an interesting fish but my lubbock is the first fish in my tank so I have to let this go. Selling for 60 bucks only, I paid more for it. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. No reserve fcfs pls. Pls note I intend to deal only at void deck due to the covid situation and I have young kids at home. 923 zero zero 827.
  13. My old flower eyes also see a blue tenuis.. old man already hahah
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