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  1. Looking for C. Bathyphilus or efatensis. Female or male does not matter. Anyone selling do let me know..whatsapp 923 zero zero 827 Thanks all
  2. Looking for the above. Used unused also fine. Preferably east side. Pls what's app me 923 zero zero 827 if you have for sale. Thank you.
  3. Reserved for collection. Thanks all for the interest!
  4. Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis. Sub male. $40 non neg fixed. 3 inches. Feeds on mysis, pellets and nori. Been de wormed with prazi and metro. Been with me for 3 months. Reducing bioload. Fat and greedy. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Whatsapp 923 zero zero 827
  5. Few bags of chaeto to giveaway. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Fcfs pls as I've packed them up. Thank you. Whatsapp 923 zero zero 827
  6. Run carbon and keep an eye on ammonia.. with a large water change should be all good already..
  7. It's a goner for sure. Sorry for the loss. Alot of organisms are pretty affected by ammonia, even trace amount could do damage. So have to make sure the water params are in place before moving anything over..
  8. Trimmed the colony again. Frags are about 2-3" and multiple branched. $5 each. Fcfs no reserve. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp 923 zero zero 827
  9. 1 pair of normal ocellaris for sale. Female is about 2" and male is 1.5". Eats mysis pellets nori and anything u throw in. Been with me for about 9 mths. Reducing my bio load. $15 only. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Pls note I need to trap them once buyer confirm. I dont wish to stress them out. WhatsApp 923 zero zero 827
  10. Thanks for all the responses, reserved pending collection tmrw. Thanks src
  11. Bigger than palm size pointed tip pink birdnest colony. Pls note color is drab now as it's been away from the light, it's too big and covering my other sps so I moved it way low. It will color back up once it's in proper lighting. Selling for $40 only. Pls bring small bucket for collection as it's too big to put in bag. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp me 923 zero zero 827 Pls note dealing will be at void deck only due to covid safety measures.
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