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  1. My colonies are overgrown atm and blocking alot of light. Have 2 packs consisting of the following beginner frags: -Green millepora -Radioactive birdnest -Forest fire digitata -Blue digitata -Pointed pink birdnest 5 frags for $30. Fcfs no reserve cos my small rack is too small. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp 923 zero zero 827
  2. Ocellaris clown fish available for giveaway
  3. Left 2 smaller frags multi branched, $10 each. Fcfs no reserve pls.
  4. Time to harvest again. Couple bags to be given away
  5. Big frag sold, left the smaller ones
  6. Trimmed my colony cos it was shading alot of my prized frags underneath. Multi branch mini colony size at least 3inches. Hairy hairy mille. 20 for the largest one, I only got 1 L. 15 for the others. Fcfs no reserve self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp 923 zero zero 827. Deal at void deck only due to the covid situation.
  7. 1 Common ocellaris clownfish to give away. Size is about 2.5-3". Eats everything and anything. Reducing my bio load Self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp 923 zero zero 827
  8. Harvest time , couple bags to giveaway. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp 923 zero zero 827
  9. Known as the twospot hogfish. Initially I had 2 that I hoped to pair but they fight so I sold off the first one. Eats anything and everything. Been with me for 9 months. Keeps picking on my new flasher wrasse. Bought for 25, selling for 20. Size is 3 inches. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. What's app 923 zero zero 827
  10. Ups $10 for quick deal as I've already trapped the fella. Self collect pasir ris dr 6
  11. About 3 inches. $15. Been with me 3 weeks. Feeds on pellets and mysis, greedy and bold wrasse. Known for hunting pests such as commensal flatworm and bristle worms. Fighting with my hogfish so one has to go. Pls be aware this semi aggressive fish should be the last addition to your tank as it could get territorial. Self collect pasir ris dr 6. What'sapp 923 zero zero 827.
  12. Mini colony taken by a steady bro. Left 2 other frags. Cheers
  13. Moved my colony and some chunks fell out. 1 x 5" multi branched mini colony. $15 2 x 3"-4" multi branch frags. $10 Self collect pasir ris dr 6. WhatsApp me 923 zero zero 827
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