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  1. Wow, i love those jellyfish too!! kekeke... been hoping to find some jellyfish, but dun tink got space anymore, plus will get scoulded by Mr Benz if i buy anymore fish!! Vincent Ho
  2. Boxfish, wow! how come so long?! is it normal?! Vincent Ho
  3. metal99, thanxs!! ur comment made the $$$ worthwhile... Vincent Ho
  4. Benz, my porcupine puffer died, after getting caught within a small space in the rocks, tink it stressed out after being trapped for one day when i was at work... Clownfish, thanxs for the advice, tink i tot kan cheong, cant wait to keep all the nice fishes, but now, I'm trying to bring the no2/3 down qst... Vincent Ho
  5. Hey dino... sorry about your painful loss... Vincent Ho
  6. Hehehe... I'm hoping it has siz or seven mouths... kekeke... den it can spilt even more and cover a larger area of my tank... kekeke.... Vincent Ho
  7. Yes Sir!! thanxs!! Btw, does those marine plants help to bring down no2?? Vincent Ho
  8. terryansimon, thanxs for the info again!! my readings for no2 around 0.5mg/l now, so tot of adding clams to help bring it down.... Vincent Ho
  9. Hi all, heard from somewhere dat clams, like maxima helps in some ways which is beneficial to the water parameters, does anyone knows wat help does clams do exactly? Vincent Ho
  10. terryansimon, thanxs, will do a waterchange den... Vincent Ho
  11. terryansimon, got it... will try to rely on the testkits, but somethings the readings like quite hard to tell apart, so far the real problems seems to be the nitrates and ammonia... the rest pretty okay.... Thanxs! Vincent Ho
  12. I'm currently using a simple overflow filter, the tank measurments is about 20"x12"x12".... dat excludes the overflow system part, got lights dat i think is T5, fans blowing at the water to bring down the temp to about 26-27, a simple skimmer.... sorry if i cant provide too much info, coz i still dun really know very much all the equipment... i must say i started everything pretty hastily.... Vincent Ho
  13. Hallo guys, wow, didn't know there are so much things i have to do and not to do. I got the tank about 2 weeks plus ago from a friend, it used to be a pretty matured tank and when he wanted to give everything away, we transported the tank to my place with the tank still half loaded with the saltwater and sand and all.... I thought it was okay to add in LS coz the water seems very clear and there's no smell... there's abit of problem with no2 but the ammonia seems fine..... ph at 8.1-8.2, still trying to raise it slowly.... salinity at 1.023.... no2 reading is 0,5mg/L according to the test kit reading... anyone can tell me wat to do to bring down the no2? no3 seems to be 50mg/L if i haven't read the testkit results wrongly.... The anemone seems to be okay for now, fishes are eating.... Anyone got more advise for me? Would appreciate it... Vincent Ho
  14. Hi again!! got this Ricodea Florida today at ML, very happy coz I think its pretty unique... the rico hasn't really recovered yet... as told by Henry... after it has been bleached... Wat do u guys think? Vincent Ho
  15. Hi all, started my new hobby 2 weeks ago after my friend gifted me a tank... now its about 2 weeks plus old... attached are pics... please let me know if you find anything that i may have done wrongly or could have done better... Thanxs! Vincent Ho
  16. Hi all, need some advice urgently, some reddish silk-like substance is coming out of my anemone's "mouth" !! Is dat a normal sign? I'm kinnda worried coz i shifted the rocks juz now and the anemone dun look as "full" as it normally is, it looks "thinner" than usual... Can someone advise?? Vincent Ho
  17. Hi all, i got a similar anemone, and the fella doesn't stand at all, its juz curled up like a ball and float around... i threw it away fearing that it might be dead and contaminate the water... anyone can advise more on this type of anemone? Vincent Ho
  18. Bought a Box Fish, still a baby, very very small size, anyone knows if it's reef safe when it grows up?
  19. Hallo Dr Evil, can you let me know how much izit to get a MH 150W? i saw u posted the price at $100 without the bulb, is there one around dat is ready made? I'm not dat good at DIYing...
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