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  1. No lah... only some yellow polyps and star polyps.... suggest u dun waste ur trip going...
  2. Smack u ah... still wanna bid... u really si beh te!!
  3. Wah bro.... you are indeed a master in disguise!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, this is one man who has done his research!!!!
  4. Better find... scarly got some collectors items now...
  5. Wah $500+?? u may wanna check the current market price before deciding on the resale price that u wan... a good place to check would be Clementi 328...
  6. Hallo... people... I kanna deprived for 10 years liao leh... dun like that leh... for 10 years I spent my time studying and working, now try to find back some of my youth and u people suan me... Anyone else got more info to add?? So I can summon a school of tangs, make the tangs fly, give them MX-100 to prevent headloss, den dose AA and iodine, feed him GP and cyclopeeze and give the tangs moonlight so that they can see in the dark, den train them to eat so that they become hungry and angry and bite off some reefer's head?! Sounds like FUN!!!!!
  7. Good stuff! Probably one of the best $$ can buy...
  8. Yes Sir! You should have more such avatars too!!
  9. Opps! wrong thread... this one supposed in to be in the other thread...
  10. Combo? With large fries and drinks ah??? Tell me more leh... I totally dunno anything about the game.... wats a combo ah??
  11. Wah biangz... h0w many editions/versions are there?? You mean there are many kinds of different decks?? Can have a few decks and combine or not??
  12. Coral pic... This piece is really colouring up nicely... like purple monster.... with white polyps!!
  13. Bro... u so big size, dun help to carry den do wat? Use eye-power ah?!
  14. I got my zoos touching my trachiphyllia and my trachi touching my rics... no problems so fra...
  15. Still dare to say half-way???!! Anyway, dun worry, surely u will see my tank, coz u must come and help right?!
  16. Wah liao... u also blur..... Thought you very sharp one... tink u see too many rics liao...
  17. Hi bro... currently the new tank not up yet... tank is being made now, just got my Aqualight pendant recently too... already have 2xTS12... skimmer and CR also in the midst of being built... If u keen, u can check out my current 3 feet tank for coral pics... http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=14115&st=1950
  18. Bro... u also know wat... dun pretend hor... you're the one who tell me leh... Remember $190?!?!?!
  19. $500 for AT??? Can get for $85 wat.... check pasar malam!!
  20. Anywhere where I can read about the game??
  21. LS.... of coz got such people... u 4get ah?? Iwarna... kopi.... Today just resurface again somemore....
  22. Bro... give more info leh... expansion pack 4 wat??
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