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  1. Guys it's my fault... I notified Vanquish with the following intentions:

    1) To notify him since he's the boss (he should be informed esp. when it comes to things that has his forum name printed on)

    2) Perhaps he knows who the culprit is and may wanna take action

    But what I didn't expect him to do is to write the above message... I am deeply disappointed by his response to the matter and I must apologize to you guys for notifying him in the first place. I guess he misunderstood my good intentions.

    :bow:  :bow:  :bow:


    Fret not, even if you do not inform me, I'll be notified sooner or later... :P

    I do not know who the person is, and even if I do, what action can I take? He is a member of our forum, not an employee whom we can "take action against".

    I've posted here as certain individuals have been very quick in pointing their fingers in our direction implicating that our members are inconsiderate when actually this person may well be a member of SRC as well.

    At the same time, I also remind everyone that such incidents have long surfaced, way before even another forum was started, so for anyone to suggest such behaviour is concieved in our forum is grossly unfair and uncalled for.

    My tone may be firm, but I only serve to defend the rest of our members who're generally an amiable bunch of like-minded hobbyists, it was never directed at you, or even majority of the members here in SRC, many whom I know personally.

    Cheers! :peace:

  2. Hi all,

    The another forum Polo Tee was open for sale to any member who is keen to purchase one when we started the bulk order several months ago. You do not need to be a representative or staff of another forum OnLine to be able to purchase one. The procurement of our forum's Polo tee also do not equate to the owner being a representative of another forum.

    May I remind everyone that many of the members here in SRC are members in another forum and vice versa, with many members from both forums knowing one another as this is a small community. To label this so-called group of people to be from another forum and to implicate that these "undesirable people" to be solely our members may be a tad too unfair.

    Before anyone is too quick in pointing the finger in our direction, may I ask if anyone has fully ascertain the identities of all the people of this said group? My guess is that probably 3/4 of the people in this group, and even possibly the person wearing the another forum Polo Tee is a member in SRC too.

    I now recall, there was a time in SRC when SRC members complained about other SRC members who behaved "undesirably" during shipments time by using their "big backsides" to block the tubs. This "undesirable" behaviour was not concieved in our forum it now seems.

    All said, shipment times are exciting times, when everyone is excited about possibly getting a nice coral/fish specimen and may not be aware of the inconvenience that one might be causing to others, I'm pretty certain if anyone would ask for passage to the tanks/tubs to view its contents would have been given space, despite it being really crowded during shipment times... If everyone could exercise a little bit more consideration for everyone, I guess it would be a much nicer experience for everyone. :)

    Cheers and Reef On!!

    RAV-65 aka Vanquish

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    another forum OnLine

    www.another forum

  3. Hi all,

    I have no intentions of being a participant in this thread other than being a spectator to the proceedings. However, I've recieved several PMs asking me if any of the Moderators in another forum OnLine is involved in this thread or if this person or that person is a Moderator from our forums.

    I haven't been able to read the entire lengthy thread but allow me to clarify that I don't think any of the Moderators of another forum OnLine has been involved in this thread.

    List of Moderators in another forum OnLine.

    I would be glad to reveal to anyone the identity behind the nicks of the Moderators in our forums if any of the nicks is unfamiliar to you. :) Kindly PM me if you are unsure.


    RAV-65 aka Vanquish :peace:

    Forum Administrator

    another forum OnLine!

    www.another forum

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