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  1. WTT corals. Looking for, favia,duncan, mushroom. No zoas , hammers and sps. Location woodlands. 1. Purple carribean seafan. 2. Tri-colour Yuma with blue base. 3. Red spotted with green base mushroom 4. Kenya tree. 5. Yellow bounce. 6. No id blue center coral. Not galaxy coral. (Anyone can id?)
  2. Another piece upz for trade. Blue base with yellow bubbles and pink tips.
  3. Trade with other Yuma and mushroom. Blue, yellow and pink tip. Location woodlands area.
  4. Reserved for trade. Still have another to trade. Welcome to trade for bounce mushrooms. 1 to 1 bounce trade.
  5. WTT with yellow bounce mushroom for bounce or unique mushroom. any special lps can consider also. Pic taken with no photoshop.
  6. Ups for trade, single polyp available. True optics, duncan,pink bn. LPS... Etc..
  7. Can look some sample pic from my from post 2018 if it is under highlighting. im looking for Duncan, pink birdnest, radioactive birdnest, green kenya tree, small frag of chalice, chili pepper monti. Acans, blasto..
  8. WTT grandis x2 polyps or less for lps or low class sps.. birdnest or digi. Photo not edited Location woodlands area.
  9. Some updates. Location woodlands. All tank cultured. updates.. 4. Ultra luminous green base with orange eye. (Fast grower) 25 5. Blasto big fat piece 25 6. Sour apple zoas. 25 13. Carribean purple photosynthetic seafan. A few available(All encrusted on plugs and growing fast) 10- single branch, 15- two branches, 20- 3 branches 19. Bounce mushroom ( pic shown is mother colony.) 25. carribean seafan over grown (10-20) 30. Gsp fish feeder (20) 31. Tiny blue spot Mushroom (20) Non superman mushroom 32. Unique yellow spot Mushroom (Trade with ot
  10. Upz.. another culture rainbow acan for trade. As u can see the rainbow is form differently. Easy rainbow acan.
  11. Size slightly smaller than a fist at 12. Location woodlands. Stay safe.
  12. This is a sponge coral, filter feeders.
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