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  1. Hi, anyone got some spare chaeto for me to kickstart? Just a small handful will do. Preferably in north area. Thanks in adavnce
  2. Reduce load, giving stable fish (>1 year) Collection in Woodlands, must take all, fcfs Ard 1~2inch
  3. Reducing bioload, giving away 1 stable chromis. Collection at woodlands. PM me, thanks
  4. Been with me >1 year, hardy & a bit aggressive. Size 3.5~4inch (brown is a bit bigger) YT : $250 BT : $20 Collection at Woodlands 730871
  5. Preferably in the north. Any shrimp that cleans, eg cleaner, blood, boxer, etc
  6. Anyone has a small to medium size copperband to let go? Pm me, thanks!
  7. Due to aggressiveness, decided to give away a 6-liner. Bought since Aug 2020. Collection at Woodlands, FCFS. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  8. 6 mths old from Ah Beng, 8~9cm Getting too big. Selling at $100 Self collect at Woodlands
  9. Reduce bioload sale, at $10. Fish just caught, around 3 inch, have it for more than 1 year. Eat everything. Self collection at woodlands. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Sold to a nice bro Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Getting too big, reducing bioload. Ard 8~9cm, kept for more than 1 year, selling at $70 Self collection at Woodlands. Priority goes to soonest collection.
  12. if talking about equipment broken down, chiller system has 2 equipment to be worried (chiller & its pump) than fan. Using fan = higher evaporation rate, thus ato is highly recommended. Fan depends on ambient temperature to bring down 1~2 degC. Will need ice pack / ice bottle to bring it lower, especially in hot spell. Hot exhaust from the chiller will increase ambient temperature, resulting in never ending cycle of heating / cooling. Chiller running cost is higher than fan. Appearance wise, chiller setup is neater and more "pro". BTW, im a fan man for the past 2 years. In colder months, it can drop to 26degC. Hottest maybe 31degC.
  13. Good gesture! Hope the new owner take good care of this beautiful fish
  14. Gog bb, thus letting go of this cucumber. Selling at $20, almost 1.5ft long when expanded. Great ad hardworking cleaner for sandbed. Collection at Woodlands, near RP. WA/SMS me at nine three 6699 six three
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