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  1. OK . I will go down this weekend to try .... Thanks Bro ..
  2. I just came back from C328 & Poly Art ... Negative .... They do not sell Python or Aqeon or anything Similar. Anybody can re-point me again to a place that I can buy it ? Thanks
  3. Bro ..... Thank you... Appreciate very much. I will go and find .... Gum Xia ..
  4. Hallo Bros & Sis ... Anybody knows where can I buy this Product (or similar type) for Wife to use? I do not wish to purchase it on line .. prefer to buy it off the shelf. Any reviews on it from our Singapore users ? Please help me (wife) ....
  5. I would want to have a Rachu Tank ... Big enough tank to hold 20 of them.
  6. 5 Pieces of Small Flame Angels .... or 5 Pieces of Small Flame Back Angels or 5 Pieces of Singapore Angels. Yeap...that's me .. LOL
  7. I think if this is an inherent design problem .. better to cover up neatly with insulation tape.
  8. I was contemplating for a while on getting GYRE. Anybody using it on 4FT Tank? What is suitable .... 130 or 150 ?
  9. Contribute as per reflected in my other solo thread: Really Rocks only ....
  10. Talking about Turbo Snails to help in reducing the Glass Algae ..... Does this Fish poses a threat to Turbo Snails ??? It killed my Cleaner Shrimp.
  11. Funny.... YT should be one of the easiest to feed and do well in tank ....
  12. Tank with a Good Size .... wouldn't it be nicer to have a taller stand ?
  13. With a Valentini Toby in my tank ..... I think keeping the Snails alive is an issue. Sigh ..
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