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  1. Hi Guys! Selling a mint condition, about 1 year old, Deltec SC1455 Protein Skimmer. No defects. Working perfect. Deal in Clementi. Selling at $300 Please contact me at 90087932 First come, first serve.
  2. Definitely need a round/circular tank or the shark will get stressed from bumping his nose at the corners and they always need to keep swimming to keep breathing unless you're looking at bamboo or banded-something shark... But yea.. Its tough to find a good home for sharks...
  3. Hi All, To update, Tankset has been sold. 2-stage DI filter still available! get it for 0 TDS water! Feel free to give me your offers.
  4. all items sold. thank you SRC. mod please assist to close thread. Thank you!
  5. Hi reefers, ups for the weekend! digital refractometer & food SOLD! 1) TANKSET now going at $350! 2) 2- Stage DI Filter now going at $150 with FOC TDS Meter!
  6. Also to add to sale: 70% FULL Reef Nutrition Arctic Pods + BRAND NEW New Life Spectrum Thera A Formula (SM Size bottle) $20
  7. Hey bro! Nitrate i never test but TDS is zero. Just add anti-chlorine like Prime.
  8. Hey Guys, VERTEX OMEGA 150 is BACK ON SALE! Feel free to whatsapp me for pics.
  9. Hi fellow reefers, my final sales post. I hope to be able to sell these soon. 1) 90cm X 50cm X 50cm with cabinet & sump $450 nego Tank Maker: Aquarium Artist 12mm thickness normal grade glass. Right hand side overflow box. Been running for 1 month plus. **NOT FOR FUSSY BUYERS.** there are minor imperfections. - doors are slightly mis-aligned - control flow of return pump with supplied ball valve. FOC ITEMS WITH TANK: - Assorted Nets - 4L Gravity feed top off reservoir - Bubble Magnus 7" filter sock holder - Aquarium Systems NEWJET 6000 (too powerful. use ball valv
  10. Thanks for the upz, bro Tofu! amazing skimmer indeed! Update; Chiller SOLD to a nice bro. Skimmer and Salt are RESERVED pending collection. Thanks for all the interests! Will post one final sales in a short while.
  11. Hi reefers, thank you for the support. Currently items 2 and 3 are reserved pending collection.
  12. Hi fellow reefers, I am writing this sales post with a heavy heart. After just having started my 'upgraded' tank, a big change in my life happened... going to be a poor student. To cut the story short, I am not able to continue with marine keeping and have to go back to freshwater keeping. Thus, I will be letting go of the following items to reefers that can used them to its full potential. I will be back. just... not now. 1) VERTEX Omega 150 skimmer (Internal) $450 - Running for only 1 month. - 9.5/10 condition. No scratches. - Still got box, manual, all parts and WARRANTY fro
  13. Hi all, skimmer has been reserved for a steady bro. Pending collection sunday. Thanks for the interests.
  14. Hi Reefers, Looking to sell my 6 month old Reef Octopus BH-1000 Hang On Back Protein Skimmer. Great hang on back skimmer. Skims very well. Perfect for tanks 2ft to 3ft. Spare parts especially skimmer pump readily available. However, its quite big so your tank needs to be on a stand/cabinet and you have some room at the back. All washed and ready for PLUG & PLAY. Selling because upgraded tank. Condition 9/10. Please contact me (Text/Whatsapp) 97980202 (Joe). Collection at Dover Road. PRICE: $100
  15. Thank you Reefers for your interests. Items sold, thread closed. Thank you SRC.
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