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  1. Selling marine magic double algae scrubber #MM-ALGAE-02A for 150 buck. Item have been clean. RFS- too small for my tank collection at Yishun. interested party pls pm IMG_9497.MOV
  2. PM marine magic algae scrubber. Thanks
  3. Taken, mod pls close thread. Thanks
  4. Wanna clear this fish asap. So will give free away.. who wants pm me.. priority given to those who can collect tml night.
  5. Selling this foxface for 10buck ard 4-5inch.. on pellets.. RFS, reduce bioload collection at Yishun. buyer have to bring bags along interested pls pm me. thanks
  6. Sold, mod pls close thread. Thanks
  7. Selling blue face and fox face for 100 bucks. size ard 4-4.5 inch buyer need to provide bags collection at yishun interested party pls pm me. thanks
  8. Sold, mod pls close thread
  9. Selling this convict tang ard 4.5-5 inch. Heavily feeding on pellets. Selling as fighting with my other tangs. Selling for 70 Buyer have to bring plastic bag. location yishun pm if interested
  10. Agree on the availability of regents.. but why you dun use alkalinity function on trident to use on CR instead of having 2 machine. Coz I’m thinking if can use 1 machine on CR and also measure CA n MG.
  11. So u replace the Alkatronic, mastertronic to trident? wat r the factor tat leads u to trident?
  12. Reduce to 250. If can clear by this week will b 200 bucks. Coz no space to hold this light. My loss is ur gain.. pm if interested
  13. Selling ATI 8 tubes 39W non dimmable lightset for 350 buck if collect this weekend, 300. Deposit required. condition 8/10 Collection at Yishun Interested pls PM me
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