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  1. Selling 5-6 inch magnificent foxface for 40.. with me for 2months plus.. feeding on pellets. selling tiger cowier for 15buck selling as too big for my tank. collection at 762334 Pls PM me if interested.
  2. Pm yt price n size.. thank you
  3. ATO sold, up for the calcium n fan. Trade is welcome..
  4. Selling 180 without the ph controller.
  5. Selling the food grade CA for 25buck brand new 35 Gex fan for 15buck JBJ Auto Top Off for 50 buck collection at yishun interested party pls PM me.
  6. Sold, mod pls closed thread. Thanks
  7. Can.. watsapp u already
  8. Clearing 3 sps at 40 buck. collection at yishun interested party pls pm me. photo taken under T5 blue plus with no filter
  9. Up for the beautiful favia n monti.. Open for trade. Interested party pm me with the photo.. thanks
  10. Selling for 200 without the ph controller
  11. Selling 10 snails for 20buck. Interested pls PM me.
  12. Is similar to mystic sunset but the colour of the polyp is different.
  13. Selling the favia for 30 each.. JF witch hunter monti on a 6cm frag disk for 120 interested party pls pm me..
  14. Sales withdraw. Mod pls closed thread. Thanks
  15. Selling this 5 power blue n 1 powder black tangs for $130. Reason for selling, change of plans. No individual sales. Fishes is heavily on pellets and no ich display. Buyer bring only plastic bag or containers. interested party pls pm me. collection Yishun IMG_6776.MOV IMG_6777.MOV
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