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  1. Very nice lps tank! Nice fish too! Any reason why you change lighting from hydra?
  2. Very nice scaping. More space for sps stocking... Nice choice of light too even at sand bed sps are growing.
  3. I see. For me i'm using 4 powerhead last time. But replaced the three of them with one gyre. So you can less the plugs. But if you want to rescape, ive read somewhere that its better to do it when lights off..
  4. Nice! What kind of star fish is it? Reef safe?
  5. You can check the maxspect gyre, flow will circulate from top to bottom.
  6. Very nice scaping! How do you maintain? Dosing?
  7. hi, still interested in maxpect razor led 120W? whatsapp me, 98360o34.-chris
  8. Sorry bro. Already gave to fellow reefer.
  9. Please bring your own container..
  10. Hi Guys, I want to give away my Kenya Tree. Recently it is not expanding anymore due to low nutrients in my tank (slowly upgrading to sps). Anybody who wants/interested just whatsapp me 9836o034 for photos. Collection at Sengkang.
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