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  1. there is no antidote.remove the affected one and prevent affecting other Euphyllia corals if its too near or close to each other.it will spread.
  2. BSI gel is generally safe to be used in marine.i have been using it since day 1 till now.no adverse effect to corals as long as u don accidentally glue it to their flesh.
  3. Best is to change it every month as the filter's does not cost much.
  4. Pm me for photos if u are interested. U can refer to this website for details. http://www.madpetz.com.sg//index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_127_164&products_id=587&zenid=db7otkre7bmu2bsk7oi7p2o263 contact me at 98734469
  5. Any takers?willing to deliver on the west side.
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