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  1. Giving away a spare tank...Please PM me if interested..arrange your own mover
  2. Selling off a unit of Jebao DP-4 dosing pump (provide tube holder) -$50 -Will give a tub of calcium chloride and seachem 80% 1kg of strontium. Selling refractometer - $25 Selling tropic marine Iodine -$10 (95%) Grotech ABCM (50%) -$20 Reefroid 4oz -$25 (95%) Selling Brand New PAR38 (8RED/4Blue) for cheato & algae turf scrubber -$40 Thank you
  3. Selling off a tunze 9006 skimmer( recommend up to 600L ) - $80 Washed and Kept for almost a year. Thank you
  4. Selling 1 inch full moon goby for $20. Collection will be at jurong west. Thank you
  5. Sorry for not replying all the PM. All the items are taken. Thank you
  6. Selling 2 x RW4 - $30 each or $50 for both. Hailea HS-66A (1/4 HP) Used for around a year on a 1.5ft tank - $250 Tunze 9006 skimmer (up to 600 litres) - $70 Thank you
  7. WTG Yellow wrasse - around 3 inchs some snails Sand star - around an adult palm size collection will be at jurong west. Thank you
  8. Selling alpha male pintail wrasse around 3.5 inch for $50 lunatus wrasse( pintail x lunatus ) around 1.5 inch - $50 thanks
  9. I had a set of sicce syncra silent 5.0 return pump and while shifting tank, i lose the hose adapter. anyone know where to find replacement or anyone can customize? i tried online but there is no info. Thank you
  10. Price reduce to $40 for sunset monti and $20 the pink sps
  11. Wanna sell sunset monti - $45 ( bigger then 50cent coin and fully covered) Unknown Pink sps - $25 Or take both for $60 Pm me if interested. collection will be at Jurong west.. thank you
  12. Wanna trade 6 to 7 inch abalone with seahare as my abalone is getting too big for my 1.5ft tank...kept for around 1 yr..if interested, PM me. Thanks
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