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  1. Want to sell chalk basslet @$65 and yellow assessor basslet @$85.Buy both @130. Keep for 2 years+,healthy fishes.
  2. Selling this healthy chalk basslet for $65.Keep for 2 years+.
  3. The frags pe are great!Guess I'm too late....
  4. I just suffer from heartache last month due to ich.Sian
  5. Yes bro still around haha keep for nearly 1.5 years now.
  6. Thank bro,yup the kamoharai is a interesting fish to keep.
  7. Thank you bro,hope they can pair up.
  8. My photo is a bit blur,you able to figure out it's chalk basslet haha. That's a female flame wrasse bro.
  9. Not sure they are pair up but now buddies,bought the smaller one from a nice reefer 2 months ago.
  10. Bro,the first 2 sps very nice,can share where you bought from?
  11. Love your scape,3 sides view always hard to ensure all views look nice.
  12. Bro,I believe a small cycle as I bleach all the rocks except 2 pcs in the sump. Running aio and adding bac7 on alternative day now.
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