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  1. Was using AL-60 Thermoelectric cooling chiller for 2--3 years for my 40-50L nano tank and lately found out it has problem bringing the temperature below 27.5 degree. Realized one of the fans stopped spinning. Since this chiller was doing fine before one fan spoil, so I decided to get another one. Will also replace the fan of the old chiller and use it as a standby. Perhaps I wasn't aware all along that this type of chiller will struggle during prolong hot weather, the problem I faced with the new AL-60. The new AL-60 failed to bring down the tank water temperature but
  2. I 'm using Eden 128 for my Hailea HK-150A. Enough strength to push the water around.
  3. packed as in 紫菜? or nori? but my urchin and hermit crab no like
  4. Hi, Anyone knows which LFS carry this brand and usually has stock?
  5. Hi, How do you find the Haelia HK-150A chiller? Is it noisy? May I know where did you get it? Thank you
  6. Hi, How do you find the Haelia HK-150A chiller? is it noisy? Need to get a more powerful chiller for my 50L tank. Wonder if HK-150A or HS-28 is better .. especially noise level Thank you.
  7. hi Understand its placed in the balcony. But how do you find the noise level when you're nearby the chiller when it kicks in? Can share where did you get this chiller? Considering this model vs HS-28A (not sure if it is too old) to replace my under power AL60 thanks
  8. GHA mostly clean up by the crews what to feed them with now?
  9. after more than a week, finally the GHA is reducing glad the hermit crabs are helping too. will not use Flux RX unless GHA wild spread again. Will let the urchin and hermit crabs slowly nibble on the remaining GHA
  10. while trying to get ideas on what else can help with the GHA, recalled I used to have the electric blue leg hermit crab quickly make a trip to LFS to pick up 2 hermit crab and 1 electric blue. first night no action. Seems like started working on the second day . Noticed some reduction of GHA on one of the liverocks. Will give them a week to see how things go before I consider Flux RX.
  11. tux urchin can also be "temperamental" ... not sure when it starts to be interested in the green algae again ...sigh about 2 months ago almost wanted to give up my 1 ft nano tank as the alage has invaded all LR and sandbed ... maybe I got lazy and did not housekeep as often. before tearing the tank down I decided to clean up everything to give it a last chance. Sekali I noticed the urchin started to clear up the algae. So I got motivated and started to clean the tank more often and suck up the green stuff on the sand bed. Planning to remove all the sand if it didn't help.
  12. Where can I find small tuxedo urchin ? Ah beng lately only have the big ones as of last Sat.
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