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  1. Thanks acidjc and pcw. will check at daiso.
  2. Where can I buy quick drying cement if I want to cement dry rocks for Aquascape. That is joining them to stable the rock work. I am using epoxy but it is getting expensive to do more rocks.
  3. There are pest starfish like astarina and coral eating starfish. Can you identify it?
  4. Hi looking for this DD h20 test kits for calcium, magnesium and alkalinity. Any kind soul want to let go as wanted to check water quality.PM me .
  5. I can collect. pm you for addresse.
  6. I feed my mandarin frozen mysis shrimp and blood worms. If not just put any live rocks from the refugium there is sure some food the mandarin can salvaged.
  7. No, they are not jumpers. But quite peaceful , always stay near rock areas. Love to eat live shrimp but can adapt to eat pieces frozen prawns cut into smaller piece.
  8. Anyone central ang mo kio or telok blangah areas doing harvesting , I am keen to collect.
  9. I used sauce bottle that can be squeeze underwater. The corals love it.
  10. Cheap expoxy can bond the rocks. I used for corals frag. It work very well. For bonding need to roughen the rocks that you intend to glue or epoxy for stronger bond.
  11. Two mandarin fish will be good. The big fish will leave the mandarins alone. No worries.
  12. Hi Guys where can get this, any shop to recommend? Magnesium granules to use in calcium reactor to boost magnesium level. Any one use this method before can advise.
  13. who to look for, I may view the rocks tomorrow?
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