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  1. Thanks for the information sharing. Sent from my ELS-NX9 using Tapatalk
  2. Able to advice where you got those sulphur media? It's not being sold at most shop. Thanks in advance. Sent from my ELS-NX9 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, How long do you run your ATS? 24hrs?Able to share? thanks in advance.
  4. nice color up coral you got from Reefing Reality!
  5. Thanks for the great input! I have started to do bleaching yesterday. Hearsay that the vinegar will induce more algae? Cant wait to have the rocks ready for scaping and commence my project! Thanks again all. For the good tips!
  6. Any formula to bleach rocks? I read the process require a week of soaking and followed by flushing with water then drying? Any masters to share the formula? Thanks.
  7. nice tank but it's just off 30mm the normal 2ft.
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