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  1. yup, no spare propeller to.
  2. unfortunately mine didnt come with the aluminium strip. tore the box apart lookin for it. guess id just get some paperclips instead the manual said turn clockwise to move forward, anti clockwise to go back. i felt like a fish having to keep swayin the tail to propel forward
  3. im sorry cedric, its gotta hurt.. keep ya equiptments and come back wif avengence
  4. i still haven figured out how to move forward.. kinda tough actually.
  5. hahaha.. i think yer dreams are fantastic.. like outta a storybook.. esp rockfish! i think im normal then.. its u guys that are nuts.. haha
  6. hon, do invite me along on yer escapades.. uve got my number rite?
  7. hahaha.. but seriously, how did u crack yer tank? now im curious.. my senario mostly unrealistic or somehow never show the cause
  8. hahaha thats funny.. anymore dreams? lets share...
  9. Something struck me.. 2 years ago i had occasional dreams about my tank, before it was decomm. till recently, Dreamt about having a tank when i didnt.. and just a few nites ago i dreamt that my live rocks collapsed and caused a hole in my main tank that caused a mess.. is there a spirit guarding the tank or does my soul have no where to go but look at my tank? Of all the hobbies and sports ive done so far, i never dreamt about them - not that remember anyway. ive gotta clear this off my head.. am i the only one who dreams about his fish tank? pls tell me im not crazy
  10. its easier to recommend by givin us a budget.. skimmers range from $10 to more then 2k
  11. Sinn

    where to buy slr?

    ping, im overwhelmed by the information at clubsnap..haha just like reefing... im gonna start real slow.. L lens are the deltec of lenses right? what camera are u guys using?
  12. Sinn

    where to buy slr?

    thanx ping pong will check out the site.. yus, im kinda worried bout that too..
  13. Sinn

    where to buy slr?

    thanx guys.. did a check at cathay photo and the price is competitive.. probably run down sim lim later to check alan..
  14. intendin to get a canon 400d slr.. any suggestions as to where i can find good deals? prob a shop name would be best... thanx in advance
  15. the picooz cost $39 at giant and its made of styrofoam. theres also a plastic one, but i guess more brittle selling at giant for ard the same price
  16. i remember a sign at al ameen bukit timah alcoholic drinks not allowed to drink here, not an oxymoron but never fails to amuse me..
  17. since uve already connected the fr to yer sump, it defeats the purpose of flushing it wih freshwater.. i didnt run mine with freshwater too.. just let the browness clear up by itself
  18. my water took 2 days to clear completely, so no worries ridzwan.
  19. you could click on search.. post by member : yer name topic started by member..
  20. i dont wanna dilute yer thread golfau... and i dont wanna waste my time on u... good luck nonetheless in gettin 10 pple to go with ya
  21. i bet everyones keen in going with u guys.. so hospitable...
  22. yo yo tango... how uve been.. still have yer tank ?
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