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  1. k i rephrase... anyone got hns to spare?
  2. even though i dont know u, it does feel sad that yer leavin this hobby... u can always start a new bigger tank the next time round though
  3. oh ya so my question is,,.... what skimmer would u recommend which <$300. haha.. thanx
  4. hey guys.. im intendin to get a new skimmer, my tanks a 2 feet cube and my budget is less than $300... im really sick and tired of upgradin skimmer so im hoping this wud be the last one.... becketts out too, so it shd be a needlewheel.. octopus recirc? macro? second hand others? thanx...
  5. its up to u whether u wanna do a water change or not.. yer tank has just restarted its ann cycle.. the cloudy water should clear in a day or two make sure u adopt some mechanical filtration to remove the detritus. circulation ard the tank gotta be sufficient too .. if u cant stand the smell, u can do a partial water change
  6. die off from the new rocks.. do u have any livestock inside ya tank?
  7. I dont think theres a purpose.. but to make a meaningless list of east side reefers more organised, i have relisted them in location order. theres 85, just tat i renumbered 5 twice and im not that bored to go through the whole list again, so i start from zero.. haha ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0. madmac - Loyang, Changi 1. scs88 - Changi 2. Horizonventures(Ben) - Pasir Ris 3. Maxstar81 - Pasir Ris 4. Jeromey - Pasir Ris (Jalan Loyang Besar) 5. crany - Pasir Ris 6. Blueheaven - Pasir Ris 7. Lee- Pasir Ris (Elias) 8
  8. up for a nice reefer and a good pump
  9. anyone got a spare 150w ballast , irregardless eballast or magnetic, pls pm me.. i kinda burnt mine while doing up my mh. suggestions on where to get it is also appreciated. thanx
  10. sorry bro... it isnt short... the base measurement isnt accurate.. coz of the outflow pipe unfortunately cannot fit... ups for yer sales.. its a good skimmer
  11. i got mines from space electronics at the basement.. $6 for a strip of 3.. all ncely done up connect it to a acdc convertor and yer donw
  12. 2 feet deep sand bed = 60 cm deep i hope u meant inches
  13. definately havin a car with no licence. its as good as having no car and no licence. at least the second option can rent a car
  14. welcome, i wud highly suggest u dont put yer tank on a computer table... 3 ft tank would be damn heavy, especially with the rocks sand and all.. very soon u will see yer table warping in the centre before finally giving way.. unless the tables made of chengai wood or such. what are u intending to keep?
  15. what i did was bring an extra phone, permanent in my bag. whenever pass thru gate, just show em the non-camera phone. there isnt even a battery inside it.. haha..
  16. i pass by this house that has a marine tank damn near my place, its near jalan senang.. wonder who it is.. if yer present do msg me.. haha 1. cityofangels - Siglap 2. Maxstar81 - Pasir Ris 3. Dazza - Siglap 4. Cedric - Bedok 5. crany - Pasir Ris 6. tcs9423-haig road (tanjong katong) 7. keithtty - marine parade 8. mUAr_cHEe - Potong Pasir/Macpherson 9. ryanlio - Eunos 10. newmarine - Chai Chee 11.Flame-Tail - Siglap 12. Blueheaven - Pasir Ris 13. klim - Pasir Ris 14. Copperband- geylang east, aljunied 15. Kotobuki - Bedok/Chai Chee 16. Kaykay - Bedok Reservoir 17. Zehuan -
  17. largely depends on what equipment yer 2 feet has... tell us more about yer tank
  18. hahahha... i suddenly remember this post again. can drive this on the bus lane during peak hours? or the expressway? i would love to engage the guys with camera with the 7.62 and the 100mm cannon
  19. 1) lights/chiller not necessary if yer not intendin to keep corals. normal fl would do. if u intend to keep corals, try to get t5. it would look nicer and yer corals would appreciate it. u can cool down yer temp using fans to, but be prepared to top up the evaporated water everyday. 2) yes u need to use anti chlorine. normal tapwater would do. 3) cycling a tank basically means that yer ammonia and nitrite = 0. this can be achieved when yer live rocks are able to break down the above to form nitrate. normally it would take ard a month. 4) u can use epoxy to make yer rock structure mor
  20. as above pls leave me a pm if youve got one for sale... Thanx
  21. wedgee.. how could i forget u... everytime i see your nick i get reminded of potato wedges
  22. of course u are devine.. haha.. yer just 21 days younger then me
  23. At the same time, dont forget to top up evaporated water with water daily (best to drip it) If not the saturation of salt in yer tank would increase 5cents
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