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  1. Spiderone too. Its great to see you again
  2. anyone have 1260 to sell? pls pm me yer offer.. thanx
  3. K refers to the kelvin ( colour ) 6500 k - yellow 10k - white 20k - blue the lower the k the faster the growth, but the higher k's would be more pleasing to the eyes
  4. cycling is an ongoing process.. right now it could be cycled - meaning able to support the bioload (the fishes) but if u add lets say another 5 fishes, the bioload will increase tremendously, a mini cycle will start again. but that also depends on how big yer tank is and how matured yer live rocks are.
  5. thanx for the mh bob.. really nice and hospitable guy.. cheers to u
  6. thanx for the input guys.. really appreciate it.. jervin.. i never thought of that.. good suggestion shoe.. happenin twice gotta hurt! ok im confirm using 2 pumps.
  7. my initial design does not involve 2 pumps... but after readin ard... they mentioned about turnover rate i.e. water exchange between the main tank and the sump tank. thats y i thought of using 2 pumps.
  8. what do u guys think about this set up? any form of input is greatly appreciated, irregardless good or bad. what is the recomended turnover rate? is 2800l/h sufficient? the tank volume is approx 200l. i doubt the eheim can be used for the chiller as well as a return pump right? and lastly how big shd the overflow pipe be? the bigger the better? thanx guys
  9. ok typ update us on the results
  10. hi tanggy, hows the noise level of the pump since its taking in air before it gets to the impeller? is there lotsa vibration on the pump ?
  11. if yer driving go along the super winding siglap stretch ( damn shiok to speed there) and then turn opposite the flamingo villa or something
  12. gee.. anemone ignored the previous list from #46 onwards... killfire/oceanblue/junyong84 pls update the list again 1.Cleartank #2 White L + #2 white M - 2 in total (pay $52 thru online transfer) 2. Hghflyer #2 White S + #2 Black XL - 2 in total(paid $40 via fund transfer) 3. Coral_Clams #2 navy M - 1 in total( paid liao 4. JC85 #1 white L (paid) 5. Dinosaur #2 white L - 1 in total (paid $20) 6. hoppinghippos #1 white XL (paid $20 by cheque) 7. Valleyman #1 white L (paid) 8. Coralife #1 white M. (paid $20 by atm transfer) 9. Clownfish #1 white M + #1 black M - 2 in total (paid $
  13. i extremely tedious process... rest well first list down the steps that u need to take before engaging the project.. as yer new tank is 2.5 feet deep, u might wanna arrange yer liverocks first before putting the saltwater in... best if u use back yer old sand as its live saltwater can use new one or old one, doesnt really matter good luck!
  14. was lookin thru classified and saw a marine lfs in siglap area, went to check it out the next day and i must say it was quite a nice place... the owners very frenly adress as follows : E Aquarist' Place 20, siglap drive, bowmont centre #01-05 number: 64482307 I went on monday but not much stock, so cant comment on it
  15. if i remember correctly its exceed, <20 4 demerit point $130 >20 <30 6 demerit points $150 >30 <40 8 demerit points $170 >40 <50 12 demerit points $200 >50 <60 18 demerit points Court >60 24 demerit points (Gantung!) Court
  16. heard from reliable sources that day time also cannot see if caught on camera, due to the glare from the windscreen ( makes sense actually) why dont u try first for all of us to find out?
  17. more then 40km/h considered court case ar? serious? i tot pay fine and get points only or issit pay fine no need to appear in court rite?
  18. i hope u know that the eballast for t5 is different from normal eballast for pl/fl.. its larger and more expensive.. i think sinter at slt sells em
  19. got caught on camera issit? i think no point send letter, the best they give u an extra month to pay.. 12 points alot eh... equivalent to exceeding speed limit by >40km/h
  20. Sinn

    Any comments

    make a hole in yer wall.. or place it on a table so that the exhaust goes out of the room thru the window custom make a window that fits the chiller
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