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  1. Hi All, Another item to sell. Beamsworks LED light set. Used over 1 year. Size is for 4ft tank. Customized side rails to elevate lightset higher than original rails, approx. 100mm ht. In good working condition. Price: S$130.00
  2. Hello, Have a Dymax IQ5 tank system for sale. Selling as a whole package. Dymax Acrylic Tank Air pump Zon Lights Powerhead Skimmer Cooling Fan Algae Scraber Sand Salt (Red Sea) Test kit Hydrometer Thermometer Price: S$150.00 Firm Self collect required. 1st come 1st serve. Reservation not entertained. Cash only. Text @ 9880 six 1 six six to deal. Thanks for viewing
  3. Hi All, Some updates. Length: 1250mm x 300mm x 150mm (For 4ft tank) Brand: Sun Sun HLD-1250C 2 x 120W MH(Replaced from 150W)(Brand:Osram) 2 x LED moonlight (2-3 bulbs not working) 2 x 54W (T5) Light set voltage: 110V/60Hz No stand or cables.
  4. Have this item for sale. Been in storage for quite a while. Currently using LED, so letting it go. Self collect needed. Location: Rivervale Street (Sengkang) Price: $100.00 SMS ONLY PLS: 9880 six one six six Thanks.
  5. An update on this. Happy to share that a solution has been found. Thanks to RayL suggestions, I went to Homefix and got this pesticide that can deal with wood boring pests. It cost under $30.00, kinda on the high side, but when you have terror coming, S$30.00 is a steal. What you need; 01 x Savilo woodworm ELIMINATOR!! 01 x Stringe 01 x Plastic disposable container (I use desert size) 01 x Paint brush Newspaper Cloth I did the following; 1) Add 1ml of the solution with a stringe (throw after use) into disposable food containers and add tap water to half mark. 2) Gentl
  6. They have a product for powderpost beetle?
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