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  1. Looking for 4ft tank with sump Best if have skimmer, return pump, chiller. Pm me with price please. Thanks.
  2. Hi, If anyone has the above, please pm me with price please. Thanks.
  3. Hello, Any place to recommend to to make cheap and good tanks, hopefully with cabinet too? atlantic glass/kwong ling still open? Thanks.
  4. do you deal in LED light as i saw a psot on LED lights from you reg. sale on Ali express as i am keen in buying some wifi  led light for 125 gallon 4 feetX2.5 feetX1.5 feet marine aquarium.

    If you don't deal still can you help mw with selection of lights.I m presently using 2 blue led's focus lights and 1 dimmable chinese led lights in my tank.I had started this tank about 6-7 months back and i have about 10 fishes and about 8-9 corals,carpet,anemone,chetos in my tank,10 snails,hermit crabs,blood red shrimp.


  5. stop buying fish or corals or anemone. or any livestocks. you are just going to get more dead animals the more u do this till you end up decomming cause you keep flushing money down the toilet. stop adding any corals/anemones. if your fish can die within hours, what more corals/anemone. keep one tank, suggest the ios with livestock. the other one decomm. wait for nitrite and ammonia to to drop to zero. not cause its toxic but that means there's still ammonia, which is toxic to fishes, present. btw to whoever is reading, nitrite is not as toxic as others have stated. read the following link and see how high can a tank-bred clownfish stand nitrite levels. http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-06/rhf/index.php. unless there's a new study proving otherwise, its to clear misconceptions. change 50% of the water once ammonia/nitrite zero. meantime, feed your damsel. thats it. dont add anything anymore. if you can do this, then its a good first step.
  6. nice fowlr! saw you have some chaeto in the sump. remembered reading somewhere macroalgae will absorb copper, and if the chaeto starts dying off, the absorbed copper will then be released back into the water column. but thats what i read long ago, not sure true or not. but for your water volume. maybe no issues even if it's true. anws, how about a female regal for that stud male lol?
  7. Ah Beng at 1030am middle 2 boxes all flame angels show size Koran. my palm for reference lol.
  8. I would say you can encourage the diatom bloom to happen earlier by making your photoperiod longer. at least you don't have to go through the uglies when you start putting corals inside. but no guarantees since it's dependent on your silicate levels also. anws when the diatom bloom start, at least your cuc has smthn to do and you feel more shiok that you see your crew doing what they are called, cleaning.
  9. If you are using live rocks, then the previously registered ammonia could just be die offs from the transport. Now that ammonia is 0, means your tank has beneficial bacteria already to process ammonia to nitrite/nitrate. this coincides with you seeing the tiny feather duster, which didnt show when ammonia was present. no need to add any more prawn. you will end up lengthening the cycling process especially in a pico tank. the WC is a good idea, you can even go more than 50%. maybe you can test your PO4 soon enough. and on your lights even though there is nothing inside to get the diatoms to start and get them out of the way before you start adding fishes and corals. it also gives you a reason to add CUC for the diatoms lol. good luck!
  10. ups for your sales bro. healthy and true to colour frags. getting garf bonsai, rose mille, rainbow stylo, latistella and bop frags for 99 is a damn good deal in my books.
  11. Ah beng balance red sea fishes 1 bag of 4x aioliops megastigma, male Naoko wrasses
  12. thanks bro. using skimmer and chemipure elite, which is just GAC and GFO in one. other than that, maybe when I need to supersaturate my kalk in the future, there will be vinegar. u got a tank running also?
  13. hi bro, tank just finished cycling on it's 17th day. was registering consistently high ammonia till the 2nd week. then I cleaned the bacteria film that was covering all of the tank glass. within few days, ammonia and nitrite dropped to zero. not sure if caused or correlated. currently, nitrates at 5-12 on Nyos test kit. will most probably ghost feed for a few days or at least till the weekends to confirm cycled.
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