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  1. I have not encountered this though. If it changes colour, my take is due to the lighting and water parameters? Like the zooxanthelle(pardon the spelling error if any) adapting to the conditions?
  2. Hihi, i last changed it at $50 per pad.
  3. Hihi, where are you located? Interested in the ATO.
  4. Lots of usual LPS like Hammer, frogspawn etc. at Ah Beng as seen today.
  5. Heyhey! I saw a tank of fake corals on display at Pacific Reef(Ah Beng).:)
  6. Hi All! Looking for macroalgae of sorts to fill my refugium. Prefably in the East. Can contact me at 96549151. Thank you!
  7. Cool! Wish i had part of the knowledge too! Especially when trying to be neat with the wiring and plugs!:D
  8. Heyhey! Look for cedric in this forum. He has quite a variety...:)
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