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  1. Selling an almost new maxspect Jump Gyre 4k . $150. Pm me. Thank you.
  2. Looking for chaeto that doesn't have other pest algae growing on them. Do pm me if u have some for sale. A small portion is all I need. Thank you.
  3. Light suitable for 4-5ft tank . Selling at $400. Pm me for more info.
  4. Looking for the above. Pm me if you have one. Thank you.
  5. Selling this automatic zeovit reactor. Good reactor for zeovit users. Item still under warranty till Nov 21. Selling at $100.
  6. Open to seperate sales. Pm me thank you .
  7. I have 2 unit to let go. Both bought on 03/20. Both programmed to do auto water change the past year. Versa only run 1 hour twice a day at 60ml/minute. Tube changed few months back. Selling both at $320.
  8. Selling at $350. Pm me. Can slightly nego. Fcfs. Thank you.
  9. Selling the single pump unit at $280. 2 years old unit. Motor block changed march this year. Perform as good as new. Additional pumps can be add-on to the controller.
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