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  1. Item reserved for now. Will update again.
  2. Working condition. 7/10. Selling $380. Pm me if interested. Thank you.
  3. The pair is 2 years + old. Gotten it from a very small size. Feeding mainly on pellets but will take in seafood mix as well. Selling them as a pair at $240. VID_20200305_172107(0).mp4
  4. Looking for one. Please pm me if u have one for sale. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to downsize my skimmer. Would like to trade/sell It for either nyosa 160/120 or deltec 600/1000 I/ix with smll top-up. Also up for sale at $500 for anyone keen on the skimmer. It's a work horse but just too big for my bioload. Do pm me if u have an offer. Thank you.
  6. Open to offers. Pm me. Thank you
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