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  1. The whole bunch for $130. 10kg+ worth. Bigger piece size from 20-26cm. WYSIWYG. 20lbs (9.1kg) retailing at $180. Location Bukit Batok.
  2. Tropic Marin A & K sold. Up for skimmer and light
  3. Skimmer model is SN143 not 147. Overlooked. Used on my 4 feet prevously.
  4. Skimz sn147 -$80 patch work on the neck area. No leaks working fine. Tropic Marin A & K - $35 more than 60% left. White LED 45CM - $20 All working Location Bukit Batok. Pm me for contacts
  5. Price reduced to $80. Forgot to mention the patch work on the crack neck base. Doesn't leak and won't affect performance.
  6. Selling the above skimmer. Working condition. Currently in soaking in bleach. Will clean up and dechlorinate before handing over. Selling $100.
  7. All taken except Blotchy. Up for the fat stable blotchy. Slightly nego
  8. Blue eyes collected. Royal Gramma pending collection. Left cleaner shrimp and blotchy anthias .
  9. Will put a hold on the foc fishes for now. Also including a pair of cleaner shrimp going at $20. Mid size.
  10. Hi, selling these fishes . They have been with me for at least a year except for Gramma who's with me for almost a year. Will include some foc fish as well. 4 blue eye anthias - $40 (2.5-3") colours well maintained. Blotchy Anthias - $200 (2"+) Gramma - $60 (2") Location Bukit Batok. Thank you.
  11. Sold! Thanks for all the interest .
  12. Selling ABT, YT, BT. letting go as a trio for $230. ABT 10-12cm , YT 6-8CM and BT 10CM .
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