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  1. Selling the above light set. Bulbs, reflector and fans 3 months old. Selling $450 or trade with AI Hydra 52 HD can top up if needed. Bulb combo 4 Blue+ and 4 Coral+ Contact me 94673539 if keen. Thanks
  2. Selling the above set. In good condition, reflector changed 3 months ago and bulb is also 3 months old. Running 4 Blue+ & 4 Coral+ combo. Selling $450. Open to trade for AI Hydra 52 HD. Pm me for details. Thank you.
  3. Any update on your yellow tang? Is it well now?
  4. Able to deliver to you also. Need it out Asap to convert the room to my son's play room.
  5. Price reduced to $100. Need to decom Qt.
  6. Quick update. Size is 2" not 2.5". Viewing can be done at bukit batok. Pm me for feeding video
  7. 2.5", greedy feeding on pellets and shredded seaweed. $120. Pm me if keen. VID_20181001_153350.mp4
  8. Selling a almost brand new Vectra S1. Bought on Jan this year. Only open 1 week ago to setup but realised spec was lower as I intended to go with a smaller tank initially. Pump never been turned on before. Selling for $300. 5 month warranty left. Pm me if keen. Thanks.
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