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  1. And what is the price of the venustus Angel? Still available?
  2. May I know what wrasse are those with the yellow tang in the last pic?
  3. And change it to this However, will need to tidy up the tubes and also find ways to make the whole thing neater
  4. Been away from the reefing scene for quite awhile now. Recently, decided to decom my planter to start a nano reef. (All thanks to my brother's psycho-ing) Having a nano, space is definitely a constraint. Was thinking of finding a small skimmer that don't look too bulky in the tank. Finally decided to try making one. All comments on how to improve are welcome! Got this Dymax co2 diffuser
  5. Hi guys, WTS this pc of clownfish. Can't get along with my other clowns. Nice design on both sides. Asking for $25. Location in the east. Thank you.
  6. Hi guys looking for cheato, prefably at the east. Do pm me! Thanks!
  7. Hi bro, Interested to know, any chiller for this set up?? What is the temperature, noticed that it is beside wondows. Wouldn't it be too hot?
  8. Hi guys. It's been a while since my last tank. Starting a small tank to start my journey again. I am Looking for some sps and zoa frags. Ranging from 5-15 dollars. Thanks in advance!
  9. Bro tank available? 91735055 Thanks!
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