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  1. From 2 heads to this in about 2 months. Really fascinating to watch this spread and multiply...
  2. Lazy Saturday topdown shots... Updates on mangrove... Will probably be getting a few more
  3. After a semi crash that wiped out most of my zoos due to not changing water for about 2 yrs, recently started having abit more time on my hands again... Some of my favourites:) NoID discoma NoID Bounce Rainbow Yuma Always had a soft spot for Ricordea Floridas More Ricordea Floridas Some SPS New shoots from Mangrove propagule
  4. little update... From this... To this... One year growth from a small frag... growth super slow chalice... never feed haha sps corner... not comparable to many other reefer's, if not any thanks all.
  5. some new additions... red dragon. not colored up fully yet. anyone can advise? sunset milli turq orange BN no id sps. anyone can help out here? first chalice. hopefully can keep it alive.
  6. clownfish and anemone. after about one year, they are finally together.
  7. second anniversary of my tank. time to start stocking on rare and amazing corals!
  8. on a side note, faster growth can be obesrved for bn and green digis in this one week.
  9. yes you are right. it uses manual dimmers. at this kind of price, cannot really ask for much haha.
  10. thanks, but still find that abit too much white. had to decrease current setting to abt 30% as some sps were showing signs of bleaching.
  11. thanks for your compliments. regarding your question, this is an eshine light, the old 4g model. as for the price, as i usually look for equipments which are cheap and good, it is not that expansive as it is also not controllable.
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