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  1. Ups! Do contact me for pics if interested:)
  2. Ups! Offer me a reasonable price and I'll consider
  3. As above. 1 yr usage, brand new $1200. Yours at $500, collection in CCK North 5. PM 87985438 to secure. FOC Jebao Pump (DCP-6500), DD FL2000 pump, 30+ hole magnetic frag rack, 10 hole frag rock and whatever else I can find that is still useful if price is met. Thanks all
  4. Will break this into separate threads seeing that most of the items have been sold. Mods pls close thread. Thanks
  5. As above. Used for roughly 3 years, able to keep my 3ft tank between 25 and 26. Collection 680761. PM me to secure. Going for $160.
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