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  1. Bought too much. 5.5cm. Very good for laying on the floor of your tank to grow encrusting corals/zoas. Collection 680761. PM to reserve:) 10 pieces at $15. 30 pieces for $40.
  2. Collection 680761. PM if interested. $130 for all, FOC sunrise sakura and captain america.
  3. Wavemaker reserved. Ups for item 3 ($15)
  4. Ca reactor reserved. Ups for wavemaker ($45). Used only 6 months with 6 months warranty left!!
  5. DD FR taken. Ups for the rest. Don't mind trading for smooth skin SPS/milli.
  6. 4. Skimz SS6.0. still under warranty till July 21. $50
  7. Corals up for trade: Zoas (PM, many) Gonio Other SPS (PM, many)
  8. Ups for the new year!! Willing to trade too
  9. Clearing store. Collection 680761, PM to deal. 1. Ca reactor. No idea 1. How to use 2. If it still can be used. Bought from a bro here, but too busy to play around with it. $30 2. DD FR. Relatively new, about 6 months. Running Rowa in a bag now as no space for additional reactor. $40
  10. Ups! Deep water looking for eg. Lokani, Granulosa, Carduus, Turaki, Walindii and Speciosa. Or any other smooth skins. Milli PM me pics:)
  11. As per topic. PM me for contact. Preferably west side:)
  12. Hi, thanks all for inquiries. #2 has been reserved by fast hand fast leg bro. ups for the rest!
  13. Offer anything, but prefer milli/smooth skin SPS. Collection at CCK North 5 1. 2. 3.
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