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  1. Next day, lfs guys came over to help topping up tank water and also do up the wire management part. Thank u the guys from RR & TC for 2 days of hard work. Some pic of the finished work...

    23007E8D-1AF7-4A68-B516-CBCA484F3B1B.jpeg.9172900369a02e5b41bae8b46beac03b.jpegChose this bonsai look for my main DT. Btw the led lightings do look out of place as I still using my old lights and hanging fixtures. Had to remove the most left one from the pic due to spread is out of position.

    4FAA2BBC-B876-46DE-8CFB-8CA4D24B77C4.jpeg.9e9e2a9d2b4b282730a6444f0c4a4eb1.jpegAll my power point neatly done up.

    BCA68322-508D-428F-A766-A516F28AFCDB.jpeg.4b7ffdb07647734eb665f4d9350c5961.jpegSump tank.

  2. New tank arrived on Saturday. DT is 90x50x50cm. Will be a sps dominated tank.

    Tank Culture guys fixing up the tank, positioning, piping and glue work and cabinet door.7A13B8DA-FBE8-4654-91FD-590A85434155.jpeg.51364bf1291cbcdf517caf8a1a89ec1e.jpegDone in less than 2hrs.E7D10221-F9A6-4878-AFE0-DB16968512E7.jpeg.7bb18262d2cd801f1f84206e2802ac2b.jpegNext is water test although tank maker assure it oredi been done in their workshop. Just a double assurance.39C735AD-57D0-48F8-A689-A98AD449FFD9.jpeg.a49ac53296d71c9151bdcc46617c56ef.jpeg

    In case u guys are wondering, the small tank beside will be my MP (Multi-Purpose) tank. Probably keeping some of my sps frags and some lps and can be double as a qt tank for my fishes but doubt it will serve much of that function as it is sharing same sump. 



  3. On 4/3/2021 at 5:20 PM, JiaEn said:

    Nice and open rock work!  It will look great once covered by corals! 

    I can't agree with you more! It's a hobby and the enjoyment part is so important. If hobby becomes a source of stress on a daily basis,  then it's really not healthy. 


    Look forward to your new updates! 

    Thanks bro. Will update as I progress with the build.

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