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  1. Get a light meter from Sim Lim Tower. It should let u know whether ur lighting is adequate or observe how ur charges r doing over a period of time. Otherwise, pay the price n trust the recom of the marine outlets.

    A light meter will give you lux reading .

    A PAR meter is more accurate which give you the PAR

    reading for photosythesis.

    But it is very exp as compare to a lux meter.

    So the cheapest is to trust the spec from the manufacturer

    or review other user feedback

    Thanks for the advise, guys. :ThanxSmiley:

  2. there are plenty of skimmers out there that would fit the bill, the only drawback i see is that based on your sump compartments, you may have to sacrifice the larger comparment on the left to house the skimmer's larger footprint.

    you can check out brands like skimz, reef octopus etc

    an alternative would be the HOB models like deltec mce600 which may be able to squeeze into the remaining space in your cabinet.

    Ok, I see your point. But the left compartment I've used it for my refugium. :poster_oops:

    Guess have to figure out other alternatives when the time comes....

  3. the sump looks good :thumbsup:

    just that the skimmer maybe a little too small for your tank? if you're looking for cleaner water could try giving your skimmer an upgrade

    Ok, thanks but right now a bit under budget for any upgrades. Any recommendations for skimmers so I can keep in mind for the future?

    Will try to post current pics of my sump soon :rolleyes:

  4. Hi everybody,

    Just thought of starting a thread here to write something about my reef tank. Been in this hobby since 2007 and been thru numerous changes and upgrades to my tank.

    Just last Oct, I changed my sump tank to a bigger one , hoping to yield better water conditons for my tank and also start a refugium in my new sump.

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