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  1. Kicking off 2021 with some pics updates...7163E1D5-1528-4F8E-A108-E9D2DFDA7E9D.jpeg.5d2624a7242970874808cd692f1df3ff.jpeg Dragonfruit growing but losing its green base.3CEC4338-B788-4814-BF0C-9E9A79E2F433.jpeg.721771e99a0a016e5477fa3d43260893.jpeg tricolor valida or some called it bonsai vailda.

    91B5C553-4EAD-4739-95BD-5C13BE1E70C1.jpeg.3ee04c5211951a7ff916b46878b2285c.jpeg Pink hyacinthus holding its color but only growing new branches from the sides to “table” out. No much vertical growth from the mother colony.

  2. 71FA0013-8479-4CA1-8A77-99420B723B76.jpeg.9e8176d951756b1bd533ce9ed8e135d5.jpegHi guys, I have some small orange monti (middle big one already taken) for trade with any encrusting/plating monti or any small sps frags. Pls pm me to discuss. Preferably trade near my place at woodlands ave 6. Thks!!

  3. I have some broken pieces of orange monti. Looking to trade for similar plating or encrusting monti or any small sps frags will do too. If u dun have anything to trade, a can or bottle of coke also can. Thanks.

    1CB8A601-B6B8-4BF2-A062-A5C448C6E072.jpeg.44ba0375c44cd91e6ee0a67eb16f168a.jpegAs pictured all small pieces except the middle one is half palm size. So looking to trade with similar size or valued sps too. Pls pm me to discuss. I’m located in woodlands so preferably north area or admiralty mrt.

  4. Long time never update.... keeping my thread alive, haha...with a pic of a interesting acro I gotten some years ago, stn 3/4 of it & managed to salvage a frag and now grew back to mini colony size.

    270847AF-F3E1-4E15-89C9-E3565DFFC7B6.jpeg.f66bb479d25fdf850843819ce69dc21c.jpegSearch the net and it looked very similar to white walker acropora.

    Sad to say, ran into some brown slime snotty algae lately, highly suspicious to be dinos. Some fishes and some snails also died off. Remaking ones seem ok. Some sps brown out with slimy bubbling deposits on tips and branches, some sps color up even better, pretty strange phenomenon despite the high nutrients. One sps died and it’s one of my favs, orange passion tenuis. Hai.... will continue to fight this. Till the next time...

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