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  1. 15 hours ago, Tabungrahim said:

    How to know if sps dying? Coz it’s no more coloring more white getting....

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    A picture will helps and let other reefers advise u. Like otaku reefer said, u need to let ur tank matures first and do a proper cycle before adding livestocks.

  2. BE740C60-970B-41D7-BEF3-68D9D1A54828.jpeg.a8e15beea4aa072e2f81815650a5a118.jpegBicolor Stag $20
    12E2E83F-0078-4832-BF5C-7DF06A42F230.jpeg.93b63ab91d1e603bfbab17a627679258.jpegBlue tenuis $25495291E3-C3FD-4CC0-B5FA-9744AF4D4DE3.jpeg.e83a7a9869af5bd80c2238da82652491.jpegbroken monti on plug $104EB94F96-99B5-4259-8BB8-2DCB27027C92.jpeg.20af946c80be6cb701c81fa064a77baa.jpegsmall turquoise stag encrusted on plug $10C9F8E51F-D639-401E-88EB-4D111F9D5BFB.jpeg.fe2413ba57bffa57af6496f617a0670c.jpegorange monti $15

    Bundle price for all 5 frags at $68. Savings of $12.


    Pls WhatsApp @9ll5O86four or pm me. Collect along Woodlands ave 6 at my place, nearest mrt is Admiralty mrt. No viewing in person and collect at my door only due to COVID-19. Thanks for understanding.

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