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  1. Up Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Brand New Unopened. Bought over a year ago. Its yours at $400. PM to deal. Cheers! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Sexy lady in see through dress.. Built to blow perfectly [emoji7] Give it to me.. I will treasure her [emoji8] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. There is already an official opening held some time ago, however reefers from this forum is not welcome and invited. I cant remember when is the last time i went irwarna.
  5. i will catch the mantis shrimp out if i will you
  6. All items sold and collected. Thank you all..
  7. Left with- Skimmer $300 Refractometer $20 Please pm leaving your contact number if interested. Thank you
  8. Update: All equipments and livestocks/rocks are cleared. Empty tank now.. Tank pending collection. Balance items Skimmer DD Fr Bacteria king Do pm me if u need the above items. Thank you.
  9. HI Ben, did not see your pm. Kindly Pm me again..
  10. Hi fellow reefers, Its been an exciting day meeting great reefers! And thumbs down to the fighter pilots. Overall the day has been great! Items are moving faster than i can handle. And i apologize to for the late reply to pms and those that i did not manage to reply. Few items pending collection over the weekend and below are the balance items available. (I have just pmed the next in line for the below items and will update when i get their reply/no reply tmr morning) Skimmer - JNS ConeS CO-3 - $350 Jebao WP25 with 24v and extra 12v power supply - $30 DD FMR75 Fluidised Reactor - $35 There are few more items to sell/give that i have not posted. Will do it tomorrow. Badly need a good sleep now. Goodnight!
  11. Hi All, I have tried to reply as many pm as I could.. Basically most of the items are taken. But but not all items are collected yet nor deposit paid. I will do a update at 10pm to 11pm to consolidate on what is left. I am having a hard time responding to all pm as the reponse time from previous reefer is too long. Eg. Reefer A : I want all the zoas. When and where to collect? ME: OK. Collect at xcx time xcx and pls contact me at 9xxxxxxx for deposit detail and collection date confirmation. Then... Long wait.. 3 hours later then reply. This will take forever to move on to the next in list. So.. From the update tonight? I will pm in order to those who have shown interest and the person who respond the fastest and deposit paid will get it. Hope you guys can understand. Thank you all. Btw.. Thank you to those who drop by earlier. You guys are awesome. [emoji106] [emoji106]
  12. I have like 50+ pm more to clear.. So this list is not final.. But to stop further pm from coming if it's taken.. Thank you guys..
  13. Ok quick update. All cuc taken All sps taken All lps taken All polyps taken Zoa balance z5 and z9 Mandarin taken Goby taken Rock anemone taken Equipment balance.. Skimmer Water blaster 7000 DD FR
  14. Morning guys.. Pm was coming in hot and furious and I tried my best to reply all till 4am... Sg reefers don't sleep I realised.. Now I will consolidate what's left and will reply remaining pm in order. Thank you for the support. Cheers!
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