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  1. I am looking at 200 watt LED light. So i am thinking is it enough for 4ft tank
  2. Hi guy, For a 4ft fish tank, what type of LED lighting should i use? How many watts should i get. For a 4x2x2 tank how much lumen it did?
  3. Guy i am wonder if i was to build 3ft x 2 x 2 tank how many MM should it be... Some people say 12mm some say 10mm which is more advice? And for my sump tank how big must it be if i am having 3ft tank?? Anyone can give me advice on this??? If i am going to have a build it cabin how strong my stand musy be if for a 3ft tank wat type of wood must it be
  4. Thank you. Even though i do read up there still alot of question mark for me when come to equipment purchase. But i will work hard to ensure my tank goes well if not money will just went down to drain...
  5. Puppet, Thank alot for answer so much for my question. For pump beside ehiem is there another pump? like high quality china pump? Skimmer what type of size should i get? like you say skimz how much does it cost?
  6. Bro where is AM??? So salt use dd h2ocean? do i need to mix it again??
  7. Bro i got a budget of 5K inculding tank and cupboard full height
  8. Dear Bro/Sis, I need help in setting up my tank. Quite budget and try my best save as much cost as possible. I am planning to setup a 3ft x2 x2 tank. Anyone got any good lobang where to get tank 12mm thick with sump tank. Anyone have any idea which is the best shop to go to if i want to source for equipment like pump, chiller, salt. What is mix salt? Is it mix sea salt with normal salt? The circulation for the tank take 1 month, but anyone have any idea to shorter the circulation i heard some people set up tank only take 3 day and live coral can be put it? So if it true wat the secret behide it? If i would want to get this equipment any idea of any good buget pump, chiller & skimmer. I need to know the brand because i am unable about the branding. It need not need to be branded as long it work good and have quailty can lei. For my sump tank what kind of filter should i use? What kind of filter should i put in my sump tank? Is Bio pellet reactor need for me? How much does a reactor cost and what type of brand should i get. For wave maker what type or brand and the type of flow should i get for 3ft tanks? For chiller what the HP i should get for enough of chilling for my 3ft tank. For lightning i prefer budget type, how much does a T5 cost and LED cost. Please help i am on a budget side hope you all able to give me some suggestion for how to get there from start. Thank alot.
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