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  1. Rock has been taken by a nice reefer.
  2. Hi looking to sell a rock scape as I re-scaped my tank. the scape is two large piece and will nicely fit for a 2ft tank. has been in my tank for more then 6 months. looking to sell for 50 dollars or trade with frags. self collection from Faber walk, please bring your own container as well. there might be some zoas and pulsing xenias on it as i might not be able to take down all of them. interested please pm me. Thanks
  3. upz, open to trade with frags of easy "hairy" sps also.
  4. price reduced to 50. clearing space only.
  5. price reduced to 30 for collection this weekend.
  6. upz, rock scape will be taken out of water this weekend.
  7. rock is still in water, will change scape this weekend. location is at faber walk near clementi.
  8. Hi Looking for a working condition Mastertronic. if you have one to go, please drop me a pm. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
  9. Hi looking to sell/trade my rock scape due to re-scape. The scape was made of real reef fancy branch and aquaforest rock. acrylic tubes were glued on the rocks for easily changing location of corals/frags. These acrylic tubes can be easily removed from the scape. Looking to sell at 50sgd or trade with corals. No livestock in the picture is included. interested please drop me a pm. thanks
  10. Hi all, looking for some stax rocks cause i would like to change my scape, if you happen to have some extra please drop me a pm. Thanks in advance!
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