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  1. What this thing I just buy yesterday afternoon from the farm .I found somethings extra in the LPS.Pls help to ID thank you IMG_8693.MOV
  2. This is Syllidae SubFamily : Eusyllinae pls remove out of your tank soon. You can check this net I saw your worm in here. http://www.chucksaddiction.com/hitchworms.html Good luck
  3. Hi Henry , Thank you for advice i will do as you said i will update you in 10 to 15 day. Cheers.
  4. HI Henry, I have scraping them off the glass pane and running the water through a filter sock.Repeat a few round to progressively decimate its population and turning off the lightings in my main tank. all my Coral have move to sump refugium. Henry did miss up anything? Please advice?Thank you
  5. HI Henry, Today i come back from work in the morning,I have do as you said but the unknow odject still stay and getting more . I also checked the on the net in hitchhikers guide to the reef tank and he said the unknow odject this near microscopic species too. Please advice?
  6. Hi Henry , Thank I will do as you said. I will update u.
  7. Thank you for reply I checked the live rock Hitch hiker anemone this is under Aiptasia Anemone family.This is Boloceroides species.name unknown.Please advice. Thank you
  8. If their Zoa spider. Must more easy The spiders can romove with tweezers but can't use tweezers to remove. Their only stick all over my glass. You are true maybe i need other expert can advise. Please help I been try many matter to get rip of them they still stay on.
  9. This unknow object have taken over all over m glass in the tank. I have my buy the Joes Juice to kill them but not work and he getting bigger now. i have change more than half tank of water still same no change. I trying very hard to find peppermit shrimp to kill them but the are no stock every where now.I have run out of idea how to get warp of them to out of my reef tank.Please advice Thank you
  10. Bro , You. Better change the tank and the stand.if you wanted to set up a new tank L 3FT by 2FT with stand $900/- U check with iwarna marine. I have attach the detail at below. Iwarna marine tank specialists offer you: 1. Sea water delivery for new tank set-up or large volume of water change 2. Installation of equipment, accessories, piping and lighting. 3. Revamping of your existing tank to a mesmerising showpiece 4. Full comprehensive tank-maintenance packages 5. Wide range of customised marine tank set-ups 6. Weekly arrival of exotic livestock from Caribbean islands, Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines and more Call now for a quote: Victor Tan 9225 9393
  11. Hi I need 03 peppermint shrimp. Do you still have it now?so urgently needed them. Where to collect them?
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