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  1. 1) salmon pink/orange with light yellow/green tips: $50 big; $18 small; or $60 for both (first and last pic) 2) purple-pink BN frags: $8/each 3) forest fire digi frags: $5 all 4) German blue dig: $8 Collection Upper Serangoon Priority to regulars and multiple purchases
  2. What is the top-up tank resting on? Can be heavy when filled.
  3. Buy an oversized chiller. If possible, by a factor of one. Specifications by manufacturers are grossly overstated.
  4. Missed Iwarna's shipment. Any kind bro/sis willing to sell a frag? I can offer Kenya tree as sweetener.
  5. How long have you managed to keep your goniopora alive? Post your replies, with photos.
  6. Am looking for other variations of bubble tip anemone. Anyone knows who brings in, or has something to sell?
  7. Flame angels are pretty hardy Check your tank parameters. All livestock, including fish, require a stable environment with good bacteria culture. If your fish keep dying, probability of fault lies with your tank, rather the the fish.
  8. WTS RBTA around 5-6cm Nice bubble tips and rich colour $25 ($20 if u are regular) Upper serangoon collection
  9. Hi reefers, Some of you will remember Bro Tamama had a red gonio with blue tips. Am looking for a frag, but unfortunately his colony died some time ago (just like the sis who lost her whole brilliant colony of RBM). If you were among the fortunate ones who bought a frag of that, and it has grown big enough, let me know. Will be keen to buy. Tnx Chris
  10. 1) Translucent green cynarina fist size - $45 2) Pink cynarina slightly smaller than fist - $50 3) Light green finger leather (am told from Japan) around 5-6" - $25 each Collection Upper Serangoon 5% discount if buying 2 items, 10% discount if 3 and 15% if take all
  11. Finally, my Kenya tree is ready for fragging. 3-inch frag: $35 Yellow polyp multi-branch frag: $18 Both for $50, and get free single-branch frag of German blue digi. Collection Upper Serangoon.
  12. Small bag of the above for only $5 or can of beer
  13. Anthony fr Lor Ah Soo... Lost your contact, but remember u wanted this Contact me to collect.
  14. Just leave it be. In a mature tank with lots of live rocks, it will find enough to eat. And given time will come around to accepting other food. It is not a picky eater.
  15. For those who don't want an overflow system. 3 years old but used for only 2 years. $50. Upper serangoon collection.
  16. Those who missed my cheap sale can go to: https://m.facebook.com/oceaniareefz/
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